Quick and Easy Digital Tips for Better Parenting

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Below are some Quick and Easy Digital Tips for Better Parenting

Be a Part of your Kids’ Digital World

If you love to play Monopoly, Dollhouse, Card games, Carom, Puzzles, Freeze! And even enjoy camping and biking out with your kids, there is absolutely no reason to avoid getting involved in their favourite digital games. Play Farmville, Minecraft, and other popular online games with your kids. This will take you closer to your special ones and they’ll feel free to share things with you, especially those happening in their online world which they don’t care telling you simply because they think you won’t take any interest.

Make a Strict Mobile Usage Rule

Either you consider your kids big enough to stay in discipline or are too busy to bring out time to check what your kids do on their cell phone and how much time they spend accessing internet through their smart phones. You happily allow your kids to have cell phones with them at night and later on worry about their messed up sleeping habits. Have a proper mobile usage rule at home and make sure that the kids don’t spend sleepless nights gawking at their cell phones.

Playfully Instruct, Intelligently Educate them

When kids are doing things online, better you also spend some time with them online and playfully instruct them the possible online risks. Educate them about the vulnerabilities online. Make sure they understand that technology is a tool which has to be used most carefully in a productive and constructive way and not as a cool thing to fool around with. But make sure that you are less a parent and more a friend to your child while instructing them.

Review their Profiles on Social Sites

Have a look at what information your kids are placing online on their profiles on various social sites. Sometimes as simple a thing as their school name or games team names can prove really harmful as some of the online predators are smart enough to target children on the basis of their online information. So your child simply posts where he’s going to play the next tournament on his Facebook wall, and some predator in the guise of his online friend takes advantage of this information.

Tell your Kids that Strangers Online are Just like the Strangers Offline

When you instruct your child not to talk to a stranger in a bus or subway train how can you forget the rule online? Strangers are always strangers whether online or offline. Tell your children not to befriend anyone online whom they haven’t met in the real.

Monitor Child Mobile Activities if they seem to be Keeping Secrets

Some kids especially the teenagers just don’t believe what their parents say or instruct to them. They are often found to keep secrets and avoid the questions you ask them. The most effective way to ensure the safety of such kids is to monitor their mobile activities secretly. This only requires you to install monitoring software on their cell phone and trace each and every online activity they indulge in.  You get to filter out all the Internet content for your child and this way keep your child away from inappropriate websites. Interestingly, most monitor software are smart enough to let you block unwanted applications and suspicious websites from your child’s cell phone.

Following the above digital parental tips you not just prove a smarter parent but also ensure proper safety of your kids!


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