How To Throw A Fun And Fool-Proof Baby Shower

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Throwing a baby shower for expectant mothers is a common practice around the world, and is a very special party for new mommies. Traditionally and in the past, these social gatherings have been geared to host only women, but it certainly isn’t against the rules to invite the daddy and other male guests.

The initial idea of arranging a baby shower seems fun, as it should, but it also comes with lots of responsibility. This is especially true if the expectant mother is a first-timer. She will be relying on her friends and family to help her through every step of her pregnancy, which includes the fun-filled baby shower. If you happen to be the individual blessed with the responsibility of hosting said baby shower, ask yourself these questions:

1. When should the shower be – before or after the baby has arrived?

If you wish to have a pre-birth shower, you need to plan it 1-2 months before the baby is due, just in case the little angel makes an early appearance into the world. If the sex of the baby remains unknown, it might be wise to host the shower once the baby is born. Sometimes, the best option is to just ask the expectant mother what her preference is.

2. Who should you invite?

As with any guest list, this can be a sensitive subject. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but you also don’t want to overwhelm the expectant mother with a crowd of people, or worse yet, with people she has no interest in seeing.  As a rule of thumb, it’s best to just stick with close family and friends. Those who are not local can be invited, but will most likely end up mailing a gift if they are unable to attend the actual shower.

3. What about food and decorations?

In regards to the decorations, it certainly helps when you know the sex of the baby, but it’s also quite simple to create a generic baby look. You may want to consider a caterer and/or hiring a linen rental service. If you were going to purchase all that stuff anyways, it might actually be cheaper, and easier, to bring in outside help. It really just depends on personal preference. Food should be something light – healthy nibbles, fruit and so on.

4. Should games be incorporated?

It is common these days for baby showers to include various activities and games. These can help “break the ice” between guests and make the mother-to-be feel more comfortable in the spotlight. There are plenty of games and activities to choose from. Just browse some ideas online and choose the ones you like best.

5. How should I handle the invitations?
This is actually a critical step in the planning process because you are making the initial contact with the guests. Although it is traditional and pretty to send invitations via snail mail, it is acceptable nowadays to create an email invitation, or e-vite. The information provided on the invitation should be simple – where, when, and gift information (registry if applicable).


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