Cyclone Philin an eyewitness account

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The cyclonic storm Philin developed in north Andaman sea in first week of October. It gradually developed into a depression, then to a cyclone. Then it went in explosive intensification to form a category-5 storm in Saffir Simpson scale. Just before landfall into went into an eye wall replacement cycle and it strength come down to a lower category-4 storm with wind speed 200 to 210km/h.

Indian metrological department(IMD) predicted it will hit land by 5 to 6 pm, evening. But the storm has other ideas. It stayed more time in the sea to complete the eye wall replacement cycle. Then it blasted into the coast, at 9.30 evening with wind speed more than 200 km/hr.

   My home is a flat located in Bramhapur town. It’s a comparatively new building with less than 20 years old. My mom closed the doors and windows strongly after the cyclone warning was issued. But with time, wind kept on increasing in speed. First it was blowing from north east direction. Then it changed to north to north west. When the storm made land fall, wind direction suddenly changed to west with violent speed. Wind broke the west end window and entered into the house. It was almost impossible to close the window again with the wind. So we just let the wind pass till it changed the direction again to south west. At that time we blocked the broken window in west end. Then the front side window and door were dashed with wind and rain. Rain water entered in to the house from the broken window panes. High wind lasted for only 2 hrs but left the house in rambles. The force of wind was so much that it shook the building to its core. Even the concrete pillars cowed before the strength of the storm and broke or badly damaged.

Out side pieces of glass, asbestos move like killer javelins. Electric polls even transformers crashed to the ground. All communication to the outer world cut to a standstill.

Timely action of the government and prompt evacuations saved many lives. Due the rough coast the storm surge did not affect much and the storm was not a category -5 storm.  [Which brings wind, speed exceeding 250 km/hr.]

But there is another chance of a new storm taking place in 10/15 days. As typhoon Nari/Santi is crossing the South East Asia to Bay of Bengal. This year Bay is unnaturally devoid of wind shear, so it is now a near perfect storm brewing cauldron.


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