How Society Has Changed ( If You See It Or Not )

Society is always changing it’;s norms and idelas due to the tide of change weither it is war or techonology, some didn’;t change while some did drastically to the point where people has accepted it as a normal and will forever poison our lives.

Nothing Has Changed

This is the viewpoint that some has chosen to believe and if you’;re 20 – 30 – some people may be higher or lower than this estimated amount.

Nothing has changed, teenagers believe they know everything until their parents kick them out and they must face the real world. Hard worker get paid basically less for sticking to the common good and a few are lucky to reach the high pillars of the rich – yes the rich are getting richer. The elderly still don’;t respect from the government and by teenagers until they realize that they will be like them when they’;re their age. The government will keep saying the same things until some the country will accept some nutcase to provide change. People still care for the newest clothes and say the same stupid slangs. Teenagers will finally try change this norm for the better but only blindly see they’;re becoming what society wants them to be – respected inviduals in smaller communities than a large scale – So everything has somewhat remained the same.

Everything Has Changed

The viewpoint of 40 – 50 year old but again this is not accurate age estimate, you might think the smae has well.

Everything has changed, teenagers don’;t care about getting a car but rather gettiing those new jordans and they will face the harsh reality of work unless – even if you went to college. Hard workers get paid for their work  but the millions are acually caring about their beginnings unless your a rich douchbag son/daughter. The elderly have become victims of the new age in techonology and msut relearn everything about their lives and teenagers are their only hope in relearning process. Still they realize they’;re getting lazier but in the world your living in who wouldn’;t be when everything is done for you. Only a few kids enter the parks and everyone is in their homes wasting their youth away – they believe that although their lives were harder they had a more better childhood and life than every person younger who believes not.

Everything Has Changed – For The Worse

My viewpoint of society 

Respect is a word that is used for several meanings expect to a civil standard but teenagers don’;t care and will end up what they deserve – working at the stores they brought their clothes. People lack half the IQ people had back then and trust me that’;s just real world skills. Ask anyone but most people don’;t give a frank reason why they vote becuase everyone says more bullshit. Global warming is death waiting for us in several decades possibly years. The rich are getting more stupider and our future relies on those with enough sense to say – What the fuck is happening to the world instead of saying  WTF. People can’;t agree on similar interests becuase they only acre about themselves and those who care about the greater good get hurt in the end


This might lean towards teenagers but they are our future and from the way it’;s looking we need some major changes

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