How to Restore your mind and body

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Feeling renewed, discovering yourself again is what we all strive time to time. usually it is after a long period of depression or sadness or a lack of motivation, loss of a loved one or a job. There are things you can do to allow yourself to be in a state of happiness and a feeling of contentment.

Step 1.

Excercise. If I said it 100 times I haven’;;t said it enough. Excercise releases endoprhins which allows one to be in a “feel good” state of mind. Not to mention it’;;s great for the body. Excercise lubricates the muscles and rids toxins, it strengthens the body and brings flexibility to it as well.

Step 2.

Experience new things. trying different things gives us a sense of well being becasue it creates a different way of living. It’;s risk taking that can promote an over all good feeling , why?, becasue we do not become stagnant,when we become stagnant, we lack motivation when that happens we feel tired and lifeless and depressed. We feel alive in expanding our horizons.

Step 3.

Conqour your fear. Conqouring new things allows for more confidence and courage. It makes way for you to continue to keep motivated. When we are creating everything is at work, things begin to flow into our lives, all we wish to obtain all we desire, will come to us becasue we create space for that to happen by taking risks, by taking opportunities.

Step 4.

Meet new people. Becoming freindly with new people is a must if you wish to surround yourself with different types of people. Freinds who share the same interest as you can inspire you and enhance your life.

Step 5.

Massages. They are a sure way to feel human again. Out bodies have a tendency to get tight and our skin pasty and pale and our muscles worn and sore when we sit all day or we are stressed or we get sick. Massages give our skin a healthgylow and it lubricates the joints and muscles as well as bringing us into a state of calm and serenity, not to mention, it feels wonderful! The benefits of a massage also lie in the fact that they flush out toxins and improve blood circulation and boost the immune system.

Step 6.

Drink Water with Lemon.  This delightful tasty drink flushes toxins, helps with digestive issues and improves skin tone. It can also boost the immune system and help with a flu or cold. Lemon is refreshing and kills bacteria.


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