How to put romance back into your relationship

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Date Night. Making a plan once or twice a week for the two of you to spend alone time together is important. Focusing on eachother with no one else around can make for qualitt ime which can allow you both to connect and share. We can all get caught up in kids, work and chores, also other people who need and want our time. Taking time out to be with one another one on one is important if you want the relationship to blossom and nurish.

Dress up. Take care in your grooming. Go to bed in sexy pj’;s or a comfy but sexy night gown or buy lingerie. A woman or a man’;s confidence is very sexy. being omfortable in your own skin is very attractive and alkuring. Dress up, get your hair done, pedicures, manisures. Guys, shave!

Communicate. Talking to one another is intimate when you are intimate you are connecting and sharin and that in itself is romantic.

Make Love. Set the stage when you are ready for a night of passion and tenderness. cadles, sheer to the floor curtains, incense, a dim light. What ever makes you feel sultry and sensual, flowers maybe. If it feels right do it. Making a room welcoming and inviting can do a lot for a night of love making, it makes it very romantic and alluring.

Plan a get away. Leaving your surroundings in need for a change of scenery may be just what the doctor ordered in renewing romance back into your relationship. Rent a hotel room , take a drive to the country, change things up a bit. Order in one night instead of cooking.

Compliment eaxchother. It’;s not that difficult is it? Take a moment to notice if they got a haircut or bought a nice top or if they are wearing new perfume or cologne. Little things matter, they are significant and these small things in a    relationship make one feel good they feel appreciatted and wanted.

Remember dates like birthdays, valentine’;s day, anniversary’;s. Send flowers, give a card, write a letter or poem. Go out on the town or stay in and snuggle. Remembering your man or woman’;s birthday is also very important even mother’;s and father’;s day.

Romance is important in any relationship, it can at times make or break the relationship. Also, know it’;s natural to go through a stagnantion but watch for it and focus on eachother and take time to care and make an effort.


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