How to Win a Game of Chess in Three Moves

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This method is best done when you are playing as White, however, it is possible to do it while playing Black.

Make sure your board is set up correctly. If the pieces are in an incorrect order, this might not work.


2. On your first turn, move the pawn that sits in front of your king one or two spaces. The location of this pawn will not affect the method. 

3. Now move the King’;s bishop (meaning the bishop that rests next to the king) three spaces to the left, diagonally. Make sure he has a clear path, which he should, because this move is done at the beginning of the game.

4. Move the Queen (who should have an open, clear path) two spaces to the right, diagonally.

5. On your fourth move, move up the queen so that it takes away the King’;s Bishop’;s pawn (the pawn that is in front of your opponent’;s king’;s bishop).

6. Your Opponent is now in checkmate, as your queen killed the pawn in front of the king’;s bishop, so the king is in check with no way to escape except to kill your queen. But your bishop is at the ready, so the opponent’;s king cannot escape.You have won the game. 



This strategy is unlike the for move checkmate becuase your opponent needs to make two specific moves so that you can do it. It’;s best executed by white, but black will do.

First, set up The chess board properly.

8. Move the pawn in front of the king one or two spaces.

9. After this, your opponent will to move his/her king’;s bishop’;s pawn forward one/two spaces. (This is the move that goes with this stragety.)

10. On your turn, move your queen three squares to the right, diagonally, so that it is three spaces in front of your knight.

11. On your opponents turn, he or she has to move the king’;s rook’;s pawn one/two spaces forward.

12. Now, move the Queen up the rank two spaces.

13. Checkmate, the queen now has the king locked in. 


14. This move can only be done by black, and you will soon see why.

Set up the board properly.

15. Your opponent goes first, and for you to be able to use the strategy, he has to move his/her king’; bishop’;s pawn one square.

16. Move the pawn in front of your king one/two spaces.

17. Your opponent now has to move his/her king’;s knight’;s pawn two spaces.

18. Slide your queen to the edge of the board to the left diagonally, and you have won, as the king cannot get out. 


  • Remember, the two and three move checkmates require your opponent to do a specific move. Since you can’;t tell them what to move, it will be pretty rare when the opponent is doing exactly what you want. These strageties are less versatile because of this.
  • Always be alert and try to work out in your mind what your opponent is trying to do. You never know… He might have the same stategy in mind!
  • You cannot do the strategy at the end or middle of the chess game. It must be done at the beggining, so do not postpone it.
  • These are easy, simple to understand moves, and unless your really lucky your opponent might see what you are doing. You might want to do one or two random moves to knock them off track. 

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