Islam and woman, how can a woman leads her life without disturbing Islam and how can she marry,what Islam says about her marriage.this is the topic.

I start this topic from here,


ALLAH TAHALA has collected all the angels and said that HE wants to send human beings in world,the angels, replied,we all are enough to pray you ( worship you ),human beings will fight and make  disturbance when go to the world.

Both ( baba Adam and his wife Hawa ) were altogether sent  to world without discrimination,no one was alone

blammed,both were blammed by the mistake ,they did collectively,but today the man only blames the woman

if he himself commit sin.He is proud of be a man. 

Now comes to hazrat Khudija ,she was directly involved in her own business and dealed the persons who sold her things, in the mean time,she impressed with the truthfulness,and honesty of Hazrat Muhammad ( PBUH ). In other words she loved His honesty and truthfulness,and sent the message of marriage,although she was fifteen years elder than Him and also a widow.

The other example of this great love was Hazrat Zulaikha and Hazrat YOUSAF ,and again great difference of age,but married.

In parda observing issue,( ALQURAN ) not only great restriction on woman,but  on man also,about both QURAN says,down your eyes, (don’;;t put the bad sight on a woman or on a man ).A little great about a woman that she should cover her hair up to fore head,and cover the body up to wrist and ankles,neither wear tight and nor thin dress, before those who are eligible to mary her and this restriction of dress is not before those who are,real sons,brothers,fathers,real,brother of mother,and father,real nephews and nieces.

Above examples ,set the rode map for a woman to lead happy life,she should earn her livings, she should wear dress according to above criteria, and mary with her choice, but one thing she should understand, the choice mean only likeness not in the way,as some writers show in dramas,loves with some one ,comes close to each other and there remain no extent to limit, this is the wrong perception of Islam.Islam gives permission to a woman to get education, to earn her livings,to marry with her choice,but to some extent,( limit).For a man it is better that he should also keep his eyes down according to Islam,and do not extend preventin and arrasment in the way of education,work for earning,and marriage of a woman.Sometimes she is killed ,for her choice marriage,some times  she is given  in the hand of too little or too older in the revenge of father or brother mistake.Sometimes,she is kept at home ,because the fear of share of great property,and compelled her to marry with holy quran.these all are the man made principles for their own benefit to sacrifice this innocent woman.

Islam has given these rights to women about 14 hundreds years ago, but man has modified them according to his own choice.Women had taken parts in battles along with the men in the days of Islam.No one example proves,that a woman remained in the house as a statue at that time.

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