Grandsons Birthday Party

Welll, yesterday was my grandsons birthday party. One is born on the 7th, oldest is born on the 31st. It jsut crossed my mind when our oldest grandson made a comment in our conversation we had together while we were visiting. 

Grandma, I wish I could have my own birthday party. “Oh yea! Why do you wish that littleman? Don’;t you think it is nice to have a brother born in the same month as you? and can share your birthdays together even if birthdays are weeks apart from each other. 

Yes, grandma it is nice but I still like to have my own birthday party to invite my own friends of my age. “Oh I see. 

Well littleman, let me share you one of your grandma’;s stories. Story is about sharing, When I was a little girl, I also had a brother who was born in the same month as me. He was older, I was the little sister. My birthday was on the 5th, and his was on the 22, Thanksgiving Day. My parents never had birthday parties that I can remember for us. Bought gifts but did not go out of the way to make our birthday special. So I thought I was never special to my parents, the expression they gave me in how they treated grandma. Moral of the story, Mommy love both of her boys and grandma and pap loves you both too very much. Mommy and your daddy thinks both of their boys are so special where they want their sons to share their party together as brother’;s, brotherly love. On your birthday the day it falls on, Mommy and daddy spends time alone with you and does someting special with you. See littleman it is not the presents, or the birthday party, you are special in your own unique way by the people who loves you so much. 

Grandma thought when my birthday came around that it was just another day and thought it as the day I was born. Littleman and little guy, your brother are blessings, you and your brother are grandma’;s, paps, and your mommy and daddy’;s little miracles. I can remember when you were born littleman, you were as small as big as the length of grandma’;s arms and weighed only 2 pounds with health issues that when grandma first laied eyes on and held you in my arms, my eyes flowed with tears. We prayed and prayed for a miracle. God blessed us with that miracle and that was you. In the beginning it was touch and go but the second week you were growing healthy and strong. Your birthday will always be the day you were born and your special day and nobody can change or take that day away from you. It is nice that your brother was born in the same month for his birthday will always be his special day too. It is double special when you are able to share your party together.

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