Tips for Never Forgetting Your Eco-Friendly Bag at Home

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About 1 million plastic bags are used every minute in the United States alone, and a single plastic bag can take up to 1,000 years to degrade. If you already opted for bringing reusable bags with you when you grocery shop, you made the sustainable choice and you’re on the right track. If not, you should seriously consider making a change. Keep even more plastic out of the landfill by purchasing your own eco-friendly bags. Avoid those made from nylon or polyester and opt for cotton ones instead. Make sure to pick some colorful or funny ones that you really like.

Now that you have one or more reusable bags, another problem occurs: remembering to bring them with you when you grocery shop. We’re all busy people, racing from work to the store, from the store to home, and then from home to work again. Consequently, we decided to provide a few tips to help you never forget your eco-friendly bags at home again.

First off, a friendly reminder: wash your bags from time to time, especially if there is evidence of milk, meat or decayed veggies in the bag. You don’t want bacteria to accumulate and contaminate your fresh produce!

Keep some bags in your car

Such a simple solution, don’t you think? If you always have a stash of eco-friendly bags in the backseat of your car, it will be easy to turn around and grab some before entering the store. If the backseat doesn’t seem convenient, keep them in the trunk.

Keep a reusable bag in your purse

If you don’t drive, a suitable solution might be to keep one or more eco-friendly bags in your purse. They usually don’t take much space and, this way, you will always have them handy.

Keep them by the door

As soon as the bags are emptied and clean they should be placed by the door. This way you will remember to bring them along the next morning when you head out. You can also try placing them next to your keys or cellphone.

Keep one in your suitcase

While traveling, having a reusable bag with you can be refreshing, especially one with a zipper. It’s easier to carry it on your shoulder and it will surely prove more comfortable than juggling five or six small plastic bags at once.

If all else fails, just keep in mind that if you forget your eco-friendly bag at home, it’s always better to invest in a new one than to rely on plastic; reusable bags aren’t expensive. After all, you can never have enough reusable bags. Also, they are more spacious, holding much more produce – and they don’t annoyingly cut your fingers like the plastic ones do. 


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