Eat This and Not That: A Review!

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There is a trend of fad diets to eat healthy and get rid of obesity. Eating out is a new trend followed from last decade that has caused a growth in obesity among fellow Americans. Maintaining status quo and make an earning has pressurized mothers to depend on take away meals to fill their children’s stomach. Instead of munching on healthy food like fruits and veggies, they prefer happy meals etc.

Factors behind obesity

Actually, there are several factors behind the growing obesity even among children. Few of them are listed here:

  1. Mothers nowadays do not know cooking
  2. Healthy food is expensive than unhealthy food
  3. It’s a norm to depend upon takeaway meals

Processed food is prepared in an unhealthy and unhygienic way. Food high in cholesterol creates lousy feeling among people and children. Moreover, it is addictive and makes people dull. As a result, they lounge on a couch watching TV whole day instead of doing any physical activity.

Growing trends in American population to eliminate obesity!

Earlier there were supplements that promise weight loss. Juicing and fad soups were once so famous but later on it ended in a smoke. This trend was followed by several nutrition books, which promises great weight loss results. Another new trend was marked by Paleo diet that is still under use by many. Recently, many of you are observed following “Eat This and Not That”-most popular diet these days.

Eat This and Not That: Pros and Cons!

This book used nutrition but not all of its claims are true as indicated by Eat This and Not That reviews.


  1. Good food alternatives
  2. Nutritional information on most favorite foods


  1. It gives you alternatives that are not feasible for weight loss. For example, it recommends a Big Mac over a Whopper with cheese. Now the thing that matters most is, how can you lose weight with soda and fries that are high in calories? This is the biggest flaw of Eat This and Not That!


I am saying that it’s not a good thing but everyone has different needs and fitness goals. There should be a category so that each individual can get his/her customized meals-this is missing with this diet plan. Moreover, I do agree that 70% of your outlook contributes to the way you look but weight loss is a sum of calorie deficit with strength training. It does not guide you on strength training. So, use it wisely and do consult strength training expert while following it.


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