Cause of Violence in the World

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Violence is the extreme form of aggression such as murder, rape and assault. Now these days violence is rapidly erupting all over the world. There is no such country where there is no violence. At present we can take the example of Syria where there is nothing but violence. In Syria the violence began in March 2011 and since then more than one lakh people were killed. The violence is between the government of President Bashar al-Assad and the forces who does not want him. Sarin gas is colourless and odourless liquid used as a chemical weapon in capital of Syria Damascus to kill the Rebel Forces but use of chemical weapon is banned in the world. Also in Egypt there is violence due to party of president Mohhamed morsi. Mohhamed morsi was removed by the military after mass protest. He was president of Egypt from 30 June to 3 July 2013. And By the supporter Of Mohhamed Morsi The violence was spreaded. We can also take the example of Pakistan where Taliban is erupting violence who is an Islamic fundamentalist political movement in Afghanistan. Also India is the best example where day by violence is erupting. In muzaffarnagar of Uttarpradesh violence was erupted between two community i.e Muslim and Hindu in which many people were killed. Many politicians were arrested because they are accused of it. The chief minister of UP Akhilesh Yadav is not able to control the violence. There may be many forms of violence such as rape, kidnapping, physical harassment and it has become the normal matter for human. And for India there is a big problem to reduce the case of rape. Fast track courts were established but there is no control over it. These are the most important factor of violence:

Political Reason- It is the most important factor for violence. Most of violence is erupted by politicians. History is the main source to know about cause of violence. For example Godhra riots of Gujarat, communal violence at Muzaffarnagar in Uttarpradesh where many Hindus and Muslims were killed. A Godhra riot was erupted in 2002 in Gujarat for approximately three days. Some pilgrims were returning from Ajodhya and during this time at Godhra Station they were attacked on 27 February on a train. Hindus thought that Muslims are accused of it in which 58 people were killed. In this riots some social activist were also killed. After this Hindus started to kill Muslims and Sabarmati express was burnt out. In this riots approximately 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus were killed, 2500 people were injured and 223 more were reported missing. In this incident there is hand of politician. In democracy to collect the vote politician erupt the violence so that there is feeling of hate to the ruling party and can get more votes in the next election. In Muzaffarnagar many politician were arrested because there are accused of it, but is solution to it? I definitely say no. To stop it there should be strict rule for punishment so that no one can dare to erupt the violence.

Illiteracy- It is also a big factor for violence. Still many people are illiterate all over the world. They are not able to understand that what is wrong or right and by the help of innocent people violence is erupted. These days the quality of Education in India is not good so it should be improved. Youth are being misused by terrorist very easily by directing to wrong direction and they are involved in their organization and they use them as human bomb. Due to illiteracy youth do not give contribution to their nation because they are deviated by the terrorist due to lack of literacy. The literacy of India is 74.04%. The reason for poor literacy rate of India is absence of school infrastructure lack of facilities and less number of teachers. I thought that the system of education in India is also bad. We should adopt new system of education. Corruption is also important factor for poor literacy rate. In budget Government shows that various facilities will be provided but we did not get anything. The condition of the student of rural areas is very bad. Students have no Syllabus, books, pen and pencils. Malala usufjai native of Pakistan is a social activist who was shoot to kill by Taliban but due to grace of god she is still alive. Malala does the work to literate the child and women in Pakistan so Taliban tried to kill her so that there is always dark. Malala wants to remove the violence by the Non-violence because she follows the idol of Gandhi Jee.

Unemployment- It is increasing rapidly. All India unemployment rate is 4.7 pct. Sikkim has maximum unemployed but Chhattisgarh have lowest. Now people have difficulty that how to fill their need such as food home and clothes etc. These days youth get higher education but did not get suitable job and they become unemployed. Due to unemployment youth join the organization of militants and work according to their instruction and erupt violence.

Absolute Power- In the world every man wants to impose absolute power on another. Sometimes It causes the violence. In our life we should not try to use absolute power.

Religion- It is another important factor for violence. In India there are different religions such as Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Sikhism. According To the census of 2001 80.5% of the population of India are from Hindu Religion, 13.4% from Islam, 1.9% from Sikh, 2.3% from Christian, 0.8% from Buddha and 0.4% from Jain Religion and sometimes between two or more religions violence is erupted mainly between Hindu and Muslim often violence is erupted. Recently we can take the example of Muzaffar nagar of Uttarpradesh there is violence due to religion in which many people were killed and also in Godhra riots many Hindus and Muslims were killed. In India there is often violence due to matter of Ram Temple Babri Mosque which is in Uttarpradesh.

Population-It is also main cause of violence. The population of world is 7.116 billion by the United States Census Bureau and is rapidly increasing and the natural resources are decreasing that is why there is starvation of resources. At present China is the most populated country in the world estimated to 7,116,300,00. And India is at the second position estimated to 1,360,370,000. To fulfil their needs Some People spread violence and take advantage of it. Now government have challenging task to control the population. If our family is large we can’t provide quality education, home, food and security. And finally they spread violence.

Lack of moral education- These days we do not give the moral education to the children. We consider that education is the only medium for getting job and children was not given moral education. Children forget their moral duty and spread violence because they are not able to understand what is wrong or right. We can stop violence by giving moral education to the children. India is facing problem of rape case and day by day it is increasing. We can’t forget the day of 16 December 2012 in which a student of physiotherapy was raped in a bus in Delhi by six members. We can stop it only by giving moral education to the children.

Television-On the television children watch the naked scene in movies and serials and also violent incidents is being shown and children inspired to do illegal things. We should ban these types of movies and serials as soon as possible.

Intoxication- It is the major factor for violence. People have become the addicted of intoxication such as smoking and drinking, Drugs etc. Due to smoking, drinking, Heroin and other substances make people less mentally strong and they commit crimes. These days we can see young people smoking and drinking at shop, park, school and other public places. There is crowed at the bear shop to buy drinks especially at the occasion of festivals. Every day we read news paper about the violence caused by drinks.

Maoist- It is the most major factor of violence. They harm our nation at rural level and also on the nation level. It works as a organization whose main source of income is levi and Maoist has become the main problem for states to develop such as Jharkhand, Orissa, Chhattisgarh and West Bengal. People join this type of organization due to poverty, unemployment and illiteracy. They fight with the government and try to kill the government employees especially forces are at the main target. They attracted the youth to join their organization by giving something such as Football, Kit of Cricket, money etc. Many Innocent people were killed between the fight of government and Maoist. To avoid the problem of Maoist, Naxalite and terrorist government should talk to them peacefully so that govt can understand the problem of them that what the actual reason behind it is. Maoist, Naxalite should come to the main stream of government because there is need of them to their nation because they are also future of India and violence can’t be erupted.


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