The Next Generation

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1. Xavier Woods

Also known as Conqequences Creed during his tenure in TNA, the athletic young star already has a bundle of experience. He has a distinct look, great charisma and a tremendous in ring ability. I haven’;t seen too many young supperstars who can work like Xavier Woods can which is why he is on the list.

2. Dean Ambrose

Personally I am not a huge fan but even I cannot deny the impact he has made since beng called up to the main roster. Already holding the US title and wrestling in the main event it will only be a matter of time until Ambrose is holding the WWE Championship. The Shield are all good wresters but the most popular by far seems to be this man.

3. Drew McIntyre

This one I am hoping will be true. McIntyre has all the making of a WWE Champion however has fell on some bad times with lame gimmicks. When Drew first arrived in the WWE he was “The Chosen One” a big, bad Scotsman that just didn’;t care what people thought. He had momentum and looked to be a future World Chapion for sure. I put him on the list because I believe if he can get a decent gimmick then he will be one of the most popular superstars around. He is still only 28 years old after all.

4. Richie Steamboat

The son of WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. Many great superstars have came WWE legends and I believe with the right stroyline Richie Steamboat could get over with the fans. He has a style similar to his father and has youth on his side.

5. The Undertaker

I bet you’;re thinking what? But never discount the Dead Man. He will always be lurking round the next corner. Not for a second do I mean that he is going to be wrestling week in week out but The Phenom could still be at Wrestlemania for many years to come. He is the benchmark for all superstars but I still think there is a bit more to give from The Undertaker.


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