Weight loss surgery and Memory Loss

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Many of you always try your hand on the short and quick way. Though it is sometimes good and sometimes not. You can gain the result from this short trick, but in a long run it can hamper you. 

Same is here about the weight loss surgery. It gives you your desiring body. The most common known weight loss surgery is gastric bypass, though very costly, but has now become a common treatment for treating obesity.

But a new study reveals that Weight loss surgery may lead to memory loss. The simple reason they state for this is the vitamin deficiency in the body after weight loss surgery. The reason which scientists claim for memory loss is that after this type of weight loss surgery brain and nervous system don’t get enough vitamin  specially vitamin B. Due to which  not only there is problem of  memory loss but also there are many new cases of vision problem.

Not only the memory loss and vision problem have been seen in people who opted for Weight loss surgery but many other problems such as seizures in many women, deafness, pain in the feet, etc. The scientists say that they have analyzed that the people who vomit after the surgery are more prone to these kinds of problems.

What we want to highlight over here is not that we are saying you should not go for weight loss surgery, but we want to give you some suggestion. We want that you should not go for short term gain but go for long term gain. You should not think that weight loss surgery is the one and only one solution for losing the weight.

Unfortunately, you know this but don’t want to follow this. The answer is the diet and exercise. Follow this. Eat what you want but in moderate point. Spend just 45 minutes out of your 24 hours in exercise. Do it- indoor or an outdoor exercise, but do it.  Be a turtle that is slow and steady that still always wins the race. You are a rabbit in all other aspects of your life, but for diet and exercise be a turtle so that you become a winner.

Just one more tip, if you want to give a little pace to this race, add weight loss supplements in your diet and exercise plan. These weight loss supplements are now gaining a wide acceptance not only by the people like you and me, but also by a researcher and doctor, because these weight loss supplements are all natural and are really good and better choice than the weight loss surgery.


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