How to de-stress without getting unglued

One of the ways to relax and srestore is by practicing yoga. The benefits are endless. it detozes mind and body. Mucles and jojts become strong and flexible with every movement. Breathing into each pose makes you aware and unites body and mind leaving you feeling energized and renewed. It rids toxins as well. making yoga a part of your daily routine would be a wonderful start towards relaxing and restoring your mind and bodies health.

Deep breathing excercises are another way to get centered. Pick a place that is comfortable, sit close your eyes. You can burn incense or candles or sage to allow for a peaceful serene atmopshere. Take your hands and rest the back of them upon your knees. Sit tall and begin to take deep breaths. Allow your inhalantions to be deep and exhalations to be long. You can do this every day for 20 minutes in the am and pm and you will definetly feel a difference. Take time to be still and things unfold creativity comes alive and you begin to feel human again.

Thai Chi. It’;;;;s been practiced for a very long time and is a Chinese martial art. It brings clarity and calmness to both mind and body.  You see people doing it in parks by bridges in thier front yards in schools even now a days. It’;;s moving with the flow of chi (positive energy) Slow slow movement allow for negativity to be gone and good things to enter our lives. It rests the mind and puts you in state of happiness.

Walking is another great way to de-stress. It’;;s great excercise releases endorphins and is great for the heart as well. Taking walks also is an anti-depressant.

Keeping a journal is a nice way to express and to gain some peace and calmness. writting has a way of allowing you to be in a serene space.

De-Clutter. A messy room, home office or apartment or even car can lead to a lot of stress and a messy mind. Clearing out, getting rid of and organizing can make a huge difference.

Do things you enjoy. You always feel better, calmer and more peaceful when you are enjoying. Wether it’;;sdrawing, singing or going to the gym, de-stressing means no stress and when you are happyand joyful you can’;;t be anxious or afraid or worrying. Take time for YOU to focus on yourself and do what ever makes you blissful.

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