How to feel energized

Take a walk. A brisk walk for about 20 minutes will revive you. Nothing like a walk in the sunshine or in the cool crisp air to get the heart rate up and circulate your blood flow. A lot of us sit behind a desk and we work long hours, we sit at a computer, trying. We don’;t get the opportunity to stretch or move about which causes us to feel lathargic. Get up and move around and you will feel a difference right away.

Tapping. If you sit behind a desk like me you don’;t get to stretch or allow the blood to flow throughout your body this can cause a lot of issues for bad health. One is your heart. Tapping is a teqnique of punching which is accu pressure with your fibgers and hands. Start with your head and lightly tap our head with your finger tips. Move down to your shoulders and work your way down to under your arms , this part is important it’;;s where the lymphnodes are located. Tap string here and then beneath your chest and onto your spleen and liver. Now begin to tap all the way down your legs and come up to your tummy and your back, behind your thighs and legs. Now hold your right arm out, tap with your left hand all the way down to your thumb. Opposite side now. Now deep breaths and brush down your arms legs back chest tummy thighs, brush it all off of you all the negativy and you will feel energized refreshed within a few minutes.

Excercise. Wether it’;s walking , yoga , kickboxing or dancing, get up and move! Staying still not stretching sitting for lng periods of time can make you feel weak and listless and not energized at all. Work up a sweat and get the heart rate moving along with circulation, it’;s all good when your moving about.

Massage.;  Benefits are endless. They relax, rid toxins, calm and ease the mind, it allows for total serentiy which places you in a state of happiness. it lubricates the mucles and joints it flushes out negativity and toxins from lymphnodes. It’;s great for a healthy glow as well as soft supple skin.

Drink water. Water keeps your mucles and joints lubricated. It gives you enery, if you are dehydrated and most drinks will dehydrate you, you will feel tires, weak and listless. Keep yourself hydrated with water. 6 glasses to 8 should do the trick. Try some lemon in it and you will flush out toxins as well.

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