How to be confident

Step 1.

Try different things. One way to break out of shyness is to take a few risks. Even if you aren’;t sure if you would enjoy something or be good at something, always try it. New experiences can make you feel as if you accomplished something, you conqured a fear, that leads to gaining confidence.

Step 2.

Learn that life has obstacles and no-one is perfect.

Step 3.

Recognize your imperfections, we all have flaws. Telly ourself and remind yourself that it’;;s ok to not be great at everything you do. Remember trying is sucess in itself.

Step 4.

Make a list of all you are good at, everything you enjoy and things you would like to try. Following your passion can be very theraputic and create more positives to enter your life.

Step 5.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself. That is not attractive and you will only draw in negative people into your life and negative circumstances. Be thankful for wat you ahve humble and grateful. Share what you have with others and remind yourself of everything you have acheived and accomplished.

Step 6.

Act as if. If you walk with a smile hold your head up even though deep down you are feeling blue, your brain will actually get the message that you are indeed happy and confident. Acting as if manipulates brain waves and causes an over all good feeling , pretty soon yu will actually feel better good positiveand confident!

Step 7.

Follow your principles and stand by your convictions.

Step 8.

Surround yourself with people who enjoy being with you and who share the same interests.

STep 9. Help others.

Step 10.

Avoid trying to be perfect. In doing this you prevent yourself from going after what you really want becasue if you do not feel successful you may shy away from trying new things or reaching your goals.

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