Tropical storms vs tornados, a comparision.

Cyclones in Indian Ocean or hurricanes in Atlantic or typhoons in pacific, are the creation of nature to devastate a very large swathe of land mass. They are severe tropical storms named differently according to continent. Compared to tornados these tropical storms are huge in size.

 Vertical wind shear has a negative impact on tropical storms but in case of tornados vertical wind shear plays a constructive role. Impact of tornados is massive and more destructive compared to tropical storms but tornados effect confined to small land mass.

Tornados can’t be predicted well in advance where as in tropical storms predictions can be made.

Tornados can be created with respect to only one /solitary super cell or thunder cloud system. But tropical storms are a combination of a number of thunder cloud systems; near to the eye [centre of tropical system]these thunder cloud systems are more in strength. Eye and eye wall occur in tropical storms not in tornados.

 Tornados over water create water spout but tropical storms are created over water and bring storm surge to coast line. Tornados may create floods but for tropical storms flood and landslide is regular scenario.

 Inside powerful tropical storms some times tornados are created, which increase the devastation. Lastly tornados affect specific area in the earth like US mid west, Bangladesh. But every sea coast in tropics of northern and southern hemisphere is vulnerable to tropical cyclones including Brazilian coast where hurricane Catrina made an appearance.

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