Being Alone is Okay

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Being alone is often confused with being lonely or being depressed. Being alone is the opposite, it’;s all about being comfortable with you. People who constantly feel the need to be in contact with someone usually don’;t feel comfortable spending time with themself. 

Steps to Take Towards Feeling Comfortable With Yourself

  1. Recognize Your Insecurities

 Some people think the way to go is to completely ignore your insecurities, which is unhealthy actually. If you take this route, you are bound to break down one day when they all bubble up inside of you. To come to terms with them, realize what they are. And then, take some steps into realizing why they are untrue. Make it so you can find more good things about yourself than you can negative things. 

      2. Spend a Friday Night Alone

I know, it seems wrong, but spending a Friday night alone is perfectly natural. Plan a date with yourself. Pick out some movies, make yourself your favorite meal, and curl up in your bed. You should start out slow, after your first night you may feel lonely. This is normal, it will pass. Your mind is just used to always being surrounded by other people. 

Going On A Date With Yourself

Yes, this means venturing into a sit-down restaurant and eating a meal by yourself. Turn your phone on silent, this night is for you, not for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Enjoy the solitude and time to truly slow down and think about your day. Enjoy a slice of cake without feeling guilty. I promise it will feel good. 

Summing it Up

Being alone is a new feeling, but it’;s not a bad one. Get used to it, space out your time spent alone and time spent with friends. You’;ll find yourself feeling less stressed, and more comfortable with who you really are.


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