Laura Superbi Advices about Curly Hair

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Advice from Laura Superbi

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For a long time , the trend was the ultra- smooth. You then spent hours and hours straightening iron in hand to straighten your curls so that they lose their natural spring . But curly hair found their letter of nobility. To sublimate , choose the right cut and cure them !

Next section, the first thing to be careful your stylist is the responsibility of the loop. It’;s important for us to know how the hair is positioned to know also how it grows in the roots and finally define the quality of the loop, whether it is loose or tight instead .

This quick study of the hair will allow the stylist whether the hair is much up or not when it is off. You can sometimes cut one centimeter, but once dry the hair ascend to 3 or 4 inches. This is particularly curly hair. On curly hair, the difference will be less.

The shape of the cut must take into account all these elements. But contrary to popular belief , there is little prohibited. For example, nothing prevents you to take a short cut , if you so desire .

Some feel comfortable with a cup ball, but not in all other cases , it is possible! You should know that it will be more degraded , there will be more volume on top. However, it is best not to degrade too long cuts , it will immediately gives a Louis XIV side , not very sexy and not very current !

The question that regularly arise girls with curly hair : fringe or no fringe ?  Once again , there is not forbidden, but you should know beforehand what you intend to do with this fringe to suit your needs. If you have decided to smooth it , you can afford almost everything . But if the goal is to let free, it will cut accordingly. We then cut less material .

Finally , it is important to reduce the facial contours. A solid mass , large curly hair can hide your face. It is therefore necessary to degrade slightly and regularly so that we can see you through your curly hair. Know that this particular point is mainly very thick or very curly hair .

Our tip: A curly hair is often thicker and drier than straight hair . It requires care targeted for silky and shiny hair. Then use regular products for dry hair, including shampoos and hydrating masks to leave on for 10 minutes after each shampoo, their effect during the time of a shampoo .

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