How can you benefit from a massage?

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Step 1.

Relaxes the body and calms the nervous system. By doing this, the body gets an over all sense of serenity and peace. Any anxiety or worry dissapates once this transformation begins.

Step 2.

Stimluates and releases endorphins. It is a natural anti-depressant to realese endorphins. It is found in having a sexual experience as well, yes massages can feel just as good!

Step 3.

Gives the skin a healthy glow. As your skin is moving touched and the oils from the massagers fingers and the oil they are using touches your body, the color comes back to a pink healthy glow. This is also a sign of ample circulation.

Step 4.

Reduces tightness in the body and stagnancy in the mucles.

Step 5.

Promotes a feeling of well being. While getting a massage you will begin to surrender to the feeling of being at peace and being restful now in this moment. This allows the mind to also relax creating and sending messages to the brain that you are in a state of calm.

Step 6.

Reduces headaches and muscle spasms. Often headaches are caused by stiff muscles and tension, massages reduce tension and promote relaxation so muscles relax and surrender reducing headaches.

Step 7.

Relieves tired, achy and cramped muscles.

Step 8.

Stretches connective tissue.

Step 9.

Increases tissue metablism and speeds up recover from injury.

Step 10.

Calms the mind giving an over all feeling of peace and serenity.

Step 11.

Releases knots which stems form pinched nerves.

Step 12.

Allows the body to feel energized by increasing blood flow.

Step 13.

Massages also decrease muscles deterioration.


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