How to make money by writing articles.

Many of you I wrote it , do what I do when I find the time and how much money can I earn I . Well, it is not easy, but it can be done.
What should you do ?

1 – you have to realize that the means of 4 to $ 5 for each item does not come in a day . I came to this point , after a month and a half serious and difficult work BubbleWs . Therefore , be patient, continue their work and bear fruit !

2 – Start your adventure sparkling starting with the publication of Items 6 to 10 per day , try to connect with a minimum of 30 people per day. Arriving at about 300 connections, you can reduce the number of articles per day to about 5-7 and stay on this journey through the rest of his journey bubbling. At this point , I have about 2000 connections, which should be your ultimate goal, if you want an average of 4 or $ 5 for each item.

3E – remember, the key is in the connections and notifications. Try to visit more items that can his countrymen ” rompers and commenting on them, like them.

4 – Before publishing an article , through all notifications and publish an article . After publishing an article , repeat notifications and do the same thing .

5 – Try to separate its Articles 5 to 7 every day and try to know what is the best time to publish these articles regarding when rompers online connection. You have to discover for yourself , depending on the time zone that is!

6 . This is the key – always courteous and willing to help others, which is really worth !

I hope this is useful for at least some of you .

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