Love Shall Have No Boundaries

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Love is not blind. It sees more; but because it sees more, it chooses to see less. In marriage, love is the very first requirement. Homosexuals are people too. They can also love. Now, even though they’re homosexuals, they also deserve to be married if ever they are in love with their homosexual partner. Although gay marriage is shunned by the church for being immoral, it should be accepted because no one has the right to deprive someone of his happiness; in love, the heart is what matters the most, not the gender; psychologically, it would help the homosexuals to feel belonged to society and respected once they land in a good relationship.

Everybody deserves to be happy. Everybody deserves to find someone who would complement them. No one hast the right to dictate them when it comes to that. Moreover, the Philippines is a democratic country. The right to love is a natural right. Because this country is a democratic country, individuals have the right to choose who they will love.

When one loves, the heart is what matters the most, not the gender. Love knows no boundaries; it overcomes almost all limitations present in our lives. When love is intimate, nothing can stop it. When love is serious, nothing can tempt it and change its ways. Gender can never be a hindrance of love, for when love is passionate and the couples, despite their gender problems, are faithful with each other, love will still prevail.

Marriage is a normal thing for people who are straight. Despite gender problems, the love of homosexual partners for each other is still considered as a Natural Right. Also, if we think deeper into the hole, psychologically, the homosexuals would feel that they belong to the society and respected if gay marriage would be accepted. They would feel that they’re just like any other people in the society.

We all know the fact that most people in our society don’t accept the reality that homosexuals exist. Most people curse homosexuals because they believe that gays are considered trash which is not true. Unless those homosexuals are committing unacceptable actions, then they must be discriminated. However, since all they are doing is have an intimate relationship with their fellow homosexuals and they don’t bring harm into the society then gay marriage should be accepted as a custom.


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