Mobile Innovations in the Proof of Delivery systems

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All businesses involve transactions, while some have more than others; each transaction is important and needs to be recorded in some fashion. This is especially true in the field of transportation and logistics business, where different kind of goods are send and received through various means. Over the years we humans have found many innovative solutions and ways we record transactions at various levels. Many industries require transporting raw material to processing factories and finished goods are then sent for storing at the warehouse. Later, these goods are again transported to various dealers, suppliers retailers etc.

Similarly other industries also require transporting several type of materials from one place o another. All these transactions are recorded so that the operations are hassle free and right amount of goods are transferred at the right place. There are several methods and paperwork involved In order to cut costs and minimize losses to ensure appropriate delivery. This is normally done by maintaining various documents when items are dispatched from the storing center and some more documents are created or updated when a delivery is received at the destination. These documents are usually called as ‘Proof of issue’ and ‘Proof of Delivery’.

This is very useful as it gives a direct visual as the weather the delivery has taken place or not? However, these processes are complex, consume time and have a possibility of error due to human factors. Keeping and maintaining a plethora of paper files is surely not the best way to be efficient. The technological innovations have changed the enterprises function & the advent of mobile phones surely contributed a lot to efficiency of transporters.

As the enterprise mobile solutions are making headway in to various business aspects, transport agents in various industries are feeling a significant impact of this innovation.  The smart-phones and tablets can now connect field force with enterprise back-ends; the processes are now being more automated. Klouddata’s mobile Proof of Issue & Delivery (mPoID) is an enterprise mobile app that makes the process of proof of issue and delivery completely paperless.  It removes the risk associated with manual handling of paper delivery note and invoices.

The transport managers and drivers can update the list of goods along with other entries like quantity, weight etc. directly in their handheld devices which also automatically gets updated in the databases of ERP.  The verification of goods becomes more transparent and easy.  The losses due to lost shipments and loss of goods are significantly curtailed. A mobile solution such as this also captures data through scanning and signatures at issue and delivery destinations.  This also reduces storage, archiving and retrieval costs as well as improves efficiency. This also saves time spent on physical distribution of papers across the organizations.

Thus, innovative app like mPoID is significantly impacting the proof of delivery systems for better operational efficiency and reduced costs.  


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