Top Tips To Help You Find The Right Service For You

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       A dog is man’;s best friend and women’;s of course too. It is only natural that you want the best person to care for your canine companion. But how should you go about finding the best dog care service for your furry friend?

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        Think about what level of service you are looking for and the regularity with which you will need their help. Are you looking for someone to walk your dog from time to time, or on a daily basis? Will the dogs services provider be required to groom or pet sit your dog? It is important that you get these questions clear in your mind before you start your search.

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       Walking dogs is not as easy a job as it may first seem. Especially when the dog does not belong to you. Any dog walker you choose to hire should display an ability to control your dog, but be kind and caring at the same time.

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       Experience and qualifications count a lot in any service. Ask to speak to your prospective dog walkers other clients, and see what they think of the service that is provided. Ask family and friends to see if anyone can recommend a possible suitable candidate. Invite any prospective candidates round to your home and introduce them to your dog. Dogs are usually a particularly astute judge of character, and will probably let you know if the dog walker is not to their liking.

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       If you are looking for a dog walking Islington service do some research before you commit yourself and your dog. The internet has a wealth of information available for anyone looking for any kind of service. Read through your local newspapers and ask local pet shops if they know of anyone. Bear in mind that you will get what you pay for. You will probably be able to find a willing lad or lassie who will happily take your dog for a quick walk round the park or on the beach for a few quid.

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       But surely you want more than that for your best friend. If you are considering asking your dog walker to pick your dog up from your home when you are already at work you will need to consider a person’;s trustworthiness. After all you will be giving them the keys to your home so that they can collect your dog. Ask to see a CRB or ACPO certificate from any prospective walker. This certificate will show whether they have a criminal record. It should give you the reassurance that they can be trusted with your dog and your house keys.


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