How to gain peace in a stressful situation

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Meditate. Wear comfortable clothing. It is important not to feel any constriction while meditating. Yoga and sweat pants are idea as well as lose fitting t-shirts. You can wear socks that are lose on your feet or sit bare foot. Soft new age or spa music can add to the pleasant experience while meditating. What you smell is important since you will have your eyes closed. Make sure the fragrance you chose is pleasant to your senses. Lavender and lemon balm are  ideal.  Burning incense like sage can rid negativity and promote over all well being. It can replace unpleasant thoughts or feelings with positive ones. Sitting with legs crossed, spine long, eyes closed begin to breathe. imagine the crown of your head reaching toward the sky your sist bones planted into the earth. Eye lids are soft relaxing all the muscles in  your face, take deep inhalations and long exhalations. Enjoy being still enjoy the sounds around you as you take this time to connect with your source.

Breathe. Taking deep breaths can help in reducing anxiety worry or fear. Taking in deep inhalations and holding the breath out will help with any stress and will rid negativity and promote serenity Long exhalation and deep inhalations can help. Use your breath as a tool. Breathing rids toxins calms the brain sends out well being beta brain waves and rids negativity. It allows for a sense of serenity.

Count to ten or 20.  It gives you a chance to become distracted to redirect your attention and gives you an opportunity to relax and calm down.

Walk away. Taking a break from a situation at hand that makes you upset, anxious or angry can help by allowing you to let it go for that moment. When you return to the circumstance it may not be as huge as it was before. We often tend to make mountains out of mohills. After letting go it;s not as amplified.


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