How to Recognize A Bad Boss

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They are constantly leaving early. Giving the reason that they have an outside meeting or they are not feeling well or they were woring on a project all night long. Someone in this position would not accept anyone leaving early yet they leave early all the time. They should lead by example but they jet out the door every Monday or Friday.

A bad boss will come in with a hang over. They will tell of thier antics over the week-end or the night before.

They fratanize with the staff. They will close off a room to chat or watch a movie or tv program. They will hang out with staff after a Christmas party and get drunk with them.

They do not have an open door poilicy. People of this position should always be accessible to thier employees, wether they are in the mood or not.

they do not hold staff meetings to hear everyone’;s grievances or ideas.

They do not listen to any suggestions.

They bring thier personal problems to the job. They come in no good morning go into thier office, slam the door shut. They yell and argue on the phone.

They are on facebook or other social networking sites all day long.

They laugh with other staff members in thier office so loud that they disturb others who are actually working or at least trying to get work done.

They take credit for someone elses work.

They are not aware of what other employees are doing like the time they come in, days they are taking off or trouble or problems they might be causing. They have no conception of what goes on. Some employees fall asleep on the job sneak out early, take 2 hour lunches but a bad boss will not recognize becasue a bad boss doesn’;t pay attention to these things.

A bad boss is not willing to educate you in a job that you are not doing as she or he pleases. They just bark at you and tlel you to have it done by a certain time.

They do not appreciatte the hard dedicated loyal employees but they socialize and are lax with the employees who are lazy, incompetant and who pass the busk on the job. These people have little respect for the boss but they will charm her or him so they have no choice to accept that they do not have any good work ethic. The hard workers are there to do a job but becasue they do not suck the boss in with thier manipulative ways, becasue that is not thier goal, they don’;t need a distraction like kissing up to deter the boss from thier lack of work, these people go unappreciatted.

A bad boss will not expect anything becasue they don’;t know what to expect from you. They will only bark at you.

Finally, a bad boss never congrajulates you on a good job.


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