How to tell if you are dealing with a narsasitic person.

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  They are hypersensative. Everything is an attack. They judge and pontificate. They are arrogant and ignorant preaching about things they often know nothing about. They go back on thier word. They lack empathy at times. They are hypocritical. They will get offended and become vindictive. They are selfish doing nothing for anyone unless it benefits them. They love an audience, they need the spotlight. if it’;s taken from them they can pout and become childlike and infantile wanting attention, being angry they are feeling neglected.

They have no or little empathy. Someone who is a malignant narsasist can not put themselves in someone elses shoes, they can not empathize. Until it’;s happening to them and they have unfortunate circumstances, they really have no idea nor do they want to. They need positive reienforcement and need to be complimented often. They become jealus very easily. They are insecure but have a sense of false confidence. They pretend to be modest but if anyone crtisizes them they will jump to defending themselves with all thier accalades.

They are extremly self absorbed. Everything revolves around them. They have severe mood swings. They brag about thier achievments.

They are charming. They pour it on in the begining. They say what ever they have to to impress and get thier way, what tehy want. Toa cheive what they desire they will in short, kiss butt. They will move what ever mountain they have to for that time to gain thier objective.

They are manipulative as they twist words around to project onto the other person. They twist thing to justify what they have done or said. They can appear rough and non-emotional but deep down they are very sensative, however not sensative to others.


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