Sangguniang Kabataan: Uprooting the Sprouting Evil

Driven with the idealism that the youth is the beacon of hope for everybody, the Filipino nation hilariously believe that the Sangguniang Kabataan is a strong foundation in building better future leaders of the country. Although SK encourages the youth to exercise their right to suffrage, the PNOY government must crush the federation for it is an unproductive branch of the government; it is a wrong avenue towards youth empowerment; and it definitely promotes a corruption underground for political dynasties. Now, think of it. On the next SK election, should we let our youth enter the dirty arena of politics or should we continue with the foolish theory that SK is the answer towards a better Philippines?

The ideals of the 1991 Local Government Code speaks that SK is a fertile ground in growing effective leaders of tomorrow; SK gives venue for nation building; SK promotes both patriotism to the country and engagement in civic affairs; and SK makes the youth feel that they do have a voice which will express their thoughts and feelings on governmental issues. Unfortunately, reality’s negative feedbacks on SK outweigh the nobleness of its purpose.

SK as we know it is a branch of the barangay council. It was made to enforce policies, projects, and even programs for the betterment of the youth. However, these SKs were being dictated by their barangay captains on the things to be done. In other words, these SKs become little puppies of those political bulldogs. As a result, they failed to plan and develop more realistic and more beneficial projects which the youth really needs today. Clean up drives, ligas, flowering pots. Are those projects the projects which we need most? Those are the only silly little things that they could do. Nevertheless, they’ve tried their best in solving community issues with their very own solutions—their old-fashioned solutions which works out only to society’s long-ago problems.

SK is a broken bridge towards youth empowerment. It may give a view of how the government is being managed but it never gives a focus on how service leadership is being done. Involvement in SK may somehow help in promoting leadership. However, greater and far better leadership opportunities are readily available outside the political ring. Schools and churches are just two of the few channels where service leadership could be executed and honed. These two expose the youth to service leadership trainings, seminars, forums, and even symposiums together with the other student and church leaders in the country. Unlike the SK, schools and churches enables a youth leader to live up service leadership with enough knowledge, skills, and conscience. With these training grounds, it is assured that youth leaders will also be both closer to their constituents and to God. Therefore, the youth need not to enter SK just to be an effective and productive leader.

Over the years, SK has become a corruption underground for many political dynasties. Ten per cent of the barangay budget goes to SK. This is an enough reason why political corrupts keep an eye to the budget of the federation. Political families primarily turn SKs into a nesting area. They engage their sons and daughters to the federation to have easy access to public funds; to learn the tricks of politics; and to prepare their selves for a wider corruption target—the national government. This is also one way of keeping their family names fresh to the minds of people. When time comes, they would be able to easily reap the votes of the citizens. On contrary, this is unfair to those youth who are much capable and are most willing to serve their people selflessly. Those who have pure interest of serving the rest of the youth are helpless and have nothing to do against those candidates supported by political families. Truly, SK is just another venue for political families to convene and to spread their fraud.

Sangguniang Kabataan do have its bright side but let us also open our eyes to the worsening impact it gives to the country where we belong. It is time to prove that the Filipino nation is not being hilarious anymore. May this paper awaken the Philippine government from the nightmares of SK. With our burning desires of producing better future leaders, let us take a huge leap towards abolishing SK. It’s never too late to work hand in hand. Together let us make our united aspirations and hopes of building a better Philippines a reality.

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