Parental Abuse: A Silent suffering

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“Parents”, a word that is associated with love, care, and understanding. Our parents are the ones who gave us life and shelter, but do we appreciate all their sacrifices and efforts? Sometimes, we don’t.

Although, parents are understanding, loving, caring, and patient, we should not abuse their goodness because they also have feelings; their patience has limitations, and most of all they’re just humans. They don’t have wings that can fly like an eagle or strong legs that can jump like a kangaroo but they have love and support that they gave to us even if it means there’ll be nothing more left for them. That’s the reason why every one of us must honor them.

Nowadays, instead of receiving honor, parents receive violence from their own children which is a form of abuse. According to the book, “Parent Abuse on the Rise: A Historical Review”, 57% of parental abuse are physical and that majority of the abused parents is the mother with 82% on the line. It also added that parental abuse can occur in any family and is not associated with ethnic-background, socio-economic class, or sexual orientation. Most children, in the age of 12 to 24, are found guilty on this matter. According to some researchers, these ages are the “ages of rebellion”.

Parental abuse is neither published in a news paper nor put in a trial court since there is no law or any enactment on this. Plus, it’ll be a humiliation for parents. Some people might think that they’re not good parents since they can’t handle their own child.

Abused parents feel bad for themselves. They don’t want to talk about it since they don’t want to get humiliated. Then all that they can do is blame themselves. They might get emotionally unstable because of this. Physicians prescribe a counselling therapy to lessen their depression because their depression will not only affect them but also the children. Abusive children are also advised to take a counselling therapy because there might be something wrong with them too.

  “The children’s act towards the parents is the result of how the parents let them grow.” Parental abuse might be caused by the parents themselves or it could also be from the influences of the children’s environment but one thing is for sure, parental abuse is not a problem if both parents and children will not let it happen. Parental abuse is like a gun with bullets. If you’re a criminal you’ll like it but if not you’ll displace it. So, you better choose, are you a criminal or an innocent?


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