With Food Selection Comes Great Responsibility

Who knew when I signed up for an English class that it would have a life changing effect on me!!!  The text?hOmnivore’;;s Dilemma by Michael Pollan.  I actually had a hard time focusing on the tasks at hand because I was itching to get into the grocery store or local farm to see for myself what the author was describing!  So before I get into my new-found passion, let me tell you a little about myself.  

I am a 47 year old woman that has changed her life completely in the past 5 years.  The only thing that has stayed the same is my faith and my choice in hair color…whoops that changed too!  Five short years ago, I was a mother of two and loving wife who worked part-time in a small office of two and enjoyed being, pretty much a ‘;;kept wife”.  I had dinner on the table by 5:30, worked on projects around the house and looked forward to the door opening at 5:00 as my husband announced he was home.  Unfortunately, my husband passed due to cancer (most likely caused by our food source), and my two boys have grown up and out of the house; one a chef, one a US Navy diver.  I live in a different home, drive a different car, put myself through nursing school, now working as an RN, and am to be married to the second love of my lifetime this November.  All in all, I have made lemonade out of lemons and am trying to enjoy my God-given journey.  So why this new quest?

I owe it all to two people.  Michael Pollan, author of my english text, and my friend, nutritionist Trish!  For years, Trish has tried to make me understand that all eggs are not created equal!  She begged me to let her look into my pantry closed and do a “clean-out”; I stood firm with my resolve that I was ok with pesticides and synthetic additives.  Was I really ok with this?  No, I just didn’;;t feel I had the time, energy, or money to pursue health, responsible eating.  That is, until I read this text put before me.  

The didactic memoir that Pollan shares as he attempts to follow his food from field and pasture to the dinner table has opened my eyes.  The insane cruelty to food animals, the irresponsible conduct toward our precious environment and its resources, and the injurious effect industrial food has on our health is all brought to light in Pollan’;s interesting prose.  Check out the Youtube video that features this author and see for yourself.  
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As I venture out to learn about all the farming buzz words that describe their food products, such as organic, certified organic, free-range, cage-free, and sustainable, I will blog my way around the supermarkets, natural food stores, and farms.  With my words, hopefully my readers will find humor, entertainment, and most of all education that may help them become responsible eaters as well.  Enjoy!

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