Poverty, is It Really a Hindrance?

Poverty, Is it a Hindrance?

            Poverty and deception is not a hindrance for oneself to reach his goals but rather a stepping stone in achieving it. Although many Filipinos are drowned in the depths of poverty, being poor should not be taken as a hindrance to success because it depends on us on how we view poverty; every person is unique in different ways; and it challenges us to strive harder.

            In these times, the Philippines is experiencing economic crisis because of phenomenal events such as the typhoons and the war in the Philippines. Continuous events such as stated above would give a big impact in the economic status of the Philippines. These are some of the reasons that were shouted out by the people. But is it really true? Is poverty really the reason why Philippines is like this today?

            First of all, it depends on us on how we view poverty because people have his/her own perspective on how to view things. Maybe it is not really a big problem that keeps on bothering you and you are the one who is making it complicated. It could also be an advice or a message that what you are doing is not right and enough that is why you are suffering. It could also be a test of strength by God by which He is giving you the challenge to get yourself ready for bigger things or mold you to be a better individual.

            Also, every person is unique in different ways. This talks about the principle of individuality, which means that every person has something specialized that is why somehow other individuals find it difficult or easy in different situations. One’s uniqueness is one’s own purpose; this means that for every specialized individual, he/she has a different reason compared to a different person. For example, you can’t really work as a construction worker with a maylnourished body or you cannot work as a tricycle driver having disabled legs, it is as simple as that. Furthermore, other’s strength maybe your weakness and other’s weakness maybe your strength that is why we go back to the principle of individuality, when placed in a situation that is not fitted for you, that is why we sometimes suffer and could also effect our future plans.

            Lastly, when we look at poverty at a positive outlook, it challenges us to strive harder because (1) we don’t want our lives to end helplessly, we want to live our lives as how we dreamt of it; (2) we have goals that we want to achieve, we have things we want to do and places we want to go; and lastly, we want others especially our parents, and ourselves to be proud of us, we want to live our lives without any regrets when we lie on our deathbeds.

            Poverty is not a problem but it depends on how you look at it. We should not look at poverty as the end of the world nor a barrier that keeps us from moving forward but as a challenge that ready us for anything that what the world could bring. Also, to avoid yourself from suffering, know yourself first then eventually you can choose the situation you can handle so that it wouldn’t be a big burden for your side.

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