Stress molds People to be better

Experience beats talent. To become strong, you must lose. You start living the moment you experience death. These are but some of the few sayings that would show that there is always a positive effect on negative things. A man must experience a negative to become a better person. Most of the people would usually say that problems, stress, are nothing but misfortune in their lives. What they failed to see is that these things are blessings in disguise. It’s as they say, no money is worth a man’s experience. The more problems the person overcome, the more stress the person cope, the stronger, better, healthier the person is.

            Even the little things can bring such stress into our life. Stress strikes especially when things come unexpectedly. That’s why they began to plan and schedule things. They began to think before they act. They became wiser and make priorities in their life. They are forced to be a step ahead. They became more responsible. From all of this hardship, they will become a reliable person, someone who can be trusted with things. When a person becomes responsible, he will be successful in his work.

            I’m sure all experience such thing called procrastination in work or even in our school years. If you think back, there are times in procrastination when a person did something exceeding his or her expectation. A last minute project with limited materials yet somehow you pull through it. Have you ever wondered why? It’s because we are anxious. As Maria Popova quoted form Seren Kierkegaard of The Concept of Anxiety, “Because it is possible to create — creating one’s self, willing to be one’s self… — one has anxiety. One would have no anxiety if there were no possibility whatever.”  Creativity is not possible without anxiety. With stress in our lives, they become more creative, and let loose their hidden potentials.

            Survival of the fittest is one of the most unsightly truths of the world. But this doesn’t mean it only applies on physiological needs. As Maslow state in his hierarchy of needs, there are other needs such as safety, love and belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization. Sometimes people tend to run away from problems and stress. Most of these people attempts to suicide. Stress can affect the people deeply in psychological matter. People have a need of a positive mentality, such as self-esteem and self actualization. Stress can influence the people negatively at the same time; it also makes the people more resilient. The more problems a person overcomes, the better he copes with stress.

            Stress’ end product to the people is in their hands. The people have a choice to make it pessimistic or optimistic to their life. It is up to you to make it a blessing or a curse.


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