Adexchangers Guide To $1500 A Month

I’m Ryderstorm & I’m Here To Show You The Secrets Of Making $1500+ a month with Google Adsense!
This e-book will be short and sweet unlike other e-books it won’t include much fluff filler talk.
Let’s get started shall we.

Things You’ll Need:
1) A Computer with a reliable ISP and dynamic IP.
2) Palringo (
3) Google Chrome (
4) A Couple Hours a DAY!
That’s it!

Here’s how to get started!
After You Download & Install Palringo:
1) Join [adexchangers]on Palringo

2) After Your In The Group, Say Hi To All The New Friends Your About To Make

3) Start Exchanging With Other Members!
An ‘ex’ is short for ‘exchange.’
You send someone your ‘req’ and they will send you their ‘req’ (req = request)
A common request may look like this:

After the “Start:” a user will list their website URL.
Let me go ahead and explain some quick ‘lingo’ to you 
Imps = means impressions aka views.
If a user requests “15 imps + 2c” that means 15 views + 2 clicks You are required to view 15 “different pages” on that users site.

This is done so that the CTR ratio is perfect. You can’t just have a bunch of users coming to your site and clicking 1 ad on the first page.
That’s why you have people view pages on your site, and why you view pages on their site.
You can’t just press F5 15 times. That’s not a true IMP and that will get you kicked out of [adexchangers]

Follow people’s requests properly and they will follow yours properly.
Sharing is caring and we’re all here to make money together  Don’t be a dick.
Once the exchange is finished, it’s common to send proof to the other person for their verification.
Send proof without http:// or www. Like this *

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