Our Teachers’ Unfulfilled Duties

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A teacher affects eternity; one can never tell where her influence stops. This simply states that a teacher can change a generation either in a positive or negative way depending on the knowledge she imparts on her students. Generations pass knowledge to forthcoming generations. Therefore having all these billions of facts today; and so with incorrect information. Unfortunately, they, too, may be passed from one generation to another. This is how the sole purpose of teachers became really significant in our world. If a teacher is exceptionally good and does her responsibilities, then better futures for her students are guaranteed. Otherwise, she may negatively affect a great part of a certain generation.

Our teachers – who are also known as educators – are needed to convey knowledge about their subject matters in a way that could easily make the students remember and understand the information. Sadly, nowadays, more and more teachers don’t seem to value and recognize their responsibilities. Teachers seem to take their duties and the future of their students for granted. As years pass, more and more teachers forget the value of their job, defeating the purpose of us, students, going to school and paying our tuition fees.

            Teachers or educators should teach and educate because after all, that’s where they got their name. Ironically, that’s not always the case. Some teachers are so lazy in teaching that they formulate excuses to make their students self-study. Self-study is a good way in learning because it would help students become self-sufficient. But then again, we go to school and pay our tuition fees for a reason and that is to learn information from teachers, not to self-study. Because if that’s the case then students could’ve just bought the books required, stay at home, and read all their lives. Unfortunately, teachers don’t realize this and, as what I’ve said, they stay lazy. These teachers give a number of seat works during class therefore lessening their time to discuss. They would talk for a short while and spend the rest of the time making the students answer their books or activities they had prepared. After class, they would give lots of reading assignments, then gives quizzes the next meeting without discussing. That would’ve been okay if they do it once or twice a semester, but a whole semester of reading assignments isn’t justifiable anymore. In connection with this, some teachers instruct group works and reportings most of the time making the students do what they are supposed to do: discuss for the class. It makes students think that they are paying the school for no reason.

            We go to school to learn, to gain knowledge, and to understand. This statement makes me Captain Obvious. Then again, some teachers assume that their students already understand the topics or the subject they haven’t discussed yet hence defeating the purpose of going to school. There are teachers who give assignments which are difficult to understand by students just themselves. Worse, these assignments are recorded. Worst, they discuss after checking. I understand that one of the ways to learn is to learn from mistakes but this seriously affects the students’ grades. It’s not just about the assignments, unfortunately. This also happens in test or exams. Topics which are not discussed appear in the exam paper. Of course, most students won’t get it correctly. How could the teachers even expect their students to be able to answer questions from topics not tackled?

            One duty of a teacher is to impart credible information to their students, or they would’ve passed wrong information to a number of generations. It’s sad to admit but today, there are still teachers who aren’t knowledgeable of the subject matter they are supposed to teach, making them look not so credible. They are licensed teachers, they should act like one.  They shouldn’t read their books word for word. As they discuss, they look at the book, and read it per paragraph, per word. And if asked with questions, they can’t answer directly. They would still need to scan their books or notes for a while before they can answer the student’s question. It’s hard to trust teachers who answer unsurely. Students would doubt the reliability of the information coming from the teacher. It demotivates to go to a class with doubts about the teacher.

            A teacher’s job is very essential to every student in the world. Students are the future therefore it depends on the teacher as to how the world will turn out in the next years. Teachers should realize the value of their job. They should fulfill their duties as a teacher. They shouldn’t take the future of their students for granted.


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