Vegetarianism: A Better Health Choice?

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            Nowadays, the need for a lifestyle change is crucial. Hence, more people opt to plan for a diet which they believe can improve their physiological health. Most of these people choose to be vegetarians. Although vegetarianism is already a trend among health conscious individuals, it must not be recommended by dietitians because it is an inadequate diet that may promote nutrient deficiencies; it also doesn’t contribute much to weight loss, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t lead to a longer life span.

            Vegetarianism isn’t totally healthy. In fact, it is an inadequate diet as it promotes nutrient deficiencies. As we all know, vegetarians completely avoid eating animal products such as meat, milk, eggs, cheese, and more. These are known to be very good sources of iron and protein that are essential minerals in our body. These animal products also provide our bodies with vitamins A, D, E, and K that are needed for the proper function of serotonin receptors in the brain and for better absorption of calcium. These also contain vitamin B12 that is necessary for the health of our nervous and digestive system.

            Mostly, vegetarians try to avoid a diet with animal products because they want to lose extra calories. However, vegetarianism compared to a balanced diet with meat and other animal products does not contribute much to weight loss. As a matter of fact, one serving of lean beef contains as much protein as on a serving of beans or a veggie burger. It also takes fewer calories to get protein from lean meat compared to vegetarian substitutes. Only by eating a balanced diet and through proper exercise can one successfully lose unwanted weight.

            On the other hand, since most people think of vegetarianism as the ideal diet for people who want to be healthy, they also think that this will give them a longer life. Actually, there isn’t any concrete proof for this belief. There is no relative difference between the death rates of vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

            Basically, there is nothing wrong with eating lots of vegetables. However, in order to become completely healthy, a person must consider having a balanced diet that has adequate amounts of all essential nutrients for bodily. With self discipline and proper exercise, one can attain a reasonably healthy lifestyle.


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