Discrimination of Homosexuals in the Philippines

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“The Filipino asked for nothing more, but will surely accept nothing less than all the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the 1935 Constitution — the most sacred legacies from the founding fathers.” –Ninoy Aquino. Ninoy Aquino was one of the reasons why the Philippines is a democratic country right now. Filipinos are free to express themselves, free to choose, to pursue their dreams, to live life on how they wanted it to be. Although the Philippines is a free country, discrimination of homosexuals should not be tolerated because they are still humans who deserve respect, they still have rights as citizens of the country and their sexual orientation won’t define what kind of people they are.

Respect – this is one of the things the Filipinos value. This is one of the things Filipinos are known for, the respect we have for the elders and the respect we have for others. But some Filipinos don’;t extend this respect to homosexuals, not considering the fact that they are still humans. Each and every human should be respected by who they are and how they express themselves. In fact, they should be even more respected because it’;s not easy facing that path-accepting that they are different from others but still are not afraid of the judgment they might receive. Their sexuality should not be the basis of how they are going to be treated. Yes, this is a free country and as the citizens of this country, we are free, but this freedom should not be abused.

Homosexuals in the country and as citizens of the country, still have rights. It’;s not right if those criminals in the country can exercise their rights and homosexuals who didn’;t do anything but express themselves can’;t. It’;s better to be true to how one feels than to change to how the society wants one to be. The freedom to express oneself is not given to chosen individuals only but to each and every citizen and that includes the third sex. Yes, they are accepted in the country but discrimination to these bakla or tomboy is still not totally eliminated. The Philippines is one of the ‘;gay-friendly’; countries in the world but we can’;t still say that everyone is friendly towards them. There is still that tendency to be rude towards them. But this discrimination because of one’s sexual orientation is morally wrong.

One’;s sexuality shouldn’;t define what kind of person one is. Fairness is important, yes, but Filipinos who tend to judge others with their physical appearance wouldn’;t justify what Filipinos believe in. I am a Filipino myself and I know that it is in the nature of most Filipinos to judge others based on how they look like and not the things they can do. Even in applying for jobs, those who get accepted are those with looks and not those who really capable and deserving of the job. This is just the same to homosexuals. Some would treat them as if they are criminals even though they did nothing wrong. Even if they are working hard and decently for their family, some would treat them as if their sexuality is a disease. Just like in the movie Praybet Benjamin. Yes, it is a comedy film but if you’ll look closely, Filipinos’ nature to judge is pretty much visible in the movie not considering the abilities of the protagonist in the movie. Not all Filipinos may do this but it would be better if all would exhibit fairness and equality as expected of them. We don’t know what these homosexuals are experiencing and what they have gone through in their life, that’s why we don’t have the right to discriminate and judge them.

Equality, freedom, rights – these are what the Filipinos are asking for when they were deprived from these things. But now that they have these, homosexuals should not be deprived from these either. Right now, these are what they need and what they deserve as well. These should not be taken away from them.


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