Nations’ Rights to Nuclear Weapons

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In 1968, there was a pledge among nations that possess nuclear weapons that they should reduce their nuclear weaponries and should soon achieve nuclear disbarment for the benefit of the other nations that can’t produce such ordinances. But other countries still chose to obtain them just like North Korea who had recently developed their first functional nuclear weapon, and also, other states are being monitored right now like Iran and Afghanistan if they are creating or if they are possessing nuclear weapons.

Although many countries are building their nuclear weapons in closed doors, nations’ rights to nuclear weapons shouldn’t be implemented because it will counter the peaceful interests of states; third world countries will have major disadvantages; and it violates the right of self-defense in accordance with the international law.

Developing nuclear weapons can be viewed as a sign of belligerence and warlike character and it definitely does not benefit most states. Only those federations who want them for strategic reasons will develop them, and they will do so more brazenly and with greater speed. As for the neighbors of these developing nuclear weapon countries, they are the ones who will mostly feel vulnerable and which also gives the third world countries major disadvantages. The price for this would be paid by those states that can’t yield nuclear weapons resulting in being subjugated by the ones who produces so.

The invention of these weapons is one of the greatest tragedies of history, giving humanity the power to destroy itself. All nations, with or without nuclear weapons, should contribute towards non-proliferations.


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