Stand Against K to 12 program in the Philippines

Stand Against K to 12 program in the Philippines

By: Erl Cydric H. Dadole

Education is the key and instrument to success and the solution to our problem. Although the Philippine education is below the average, the Government must reconsider their decision about the K to 12 program and it is not appropriate for this time.

    Reason Why not continue K to 12

           Even the Philippines has a fast grow in terms in its economy, yet still it doesn’t mean that all Filipino has a better life. The K to 12 will take 3 more additonal years for all the students to finish all their studies. This means that it will add also for the expense to all parents that can’t afford. The government told that it will be free to all public school, but it doesn’t mean that the expense for a kid to finish his studies in senior high will be equal than the additional 2 years. In other words, there will be savings if it is not K to 12.  For others who can afford this stuff will be pro-K to 12, but what if for those who can’t? There is a great possibility that the population of students who can’t finish studies will grow because parents of the general population will not gamble the future of their child in not sure solution. This will just delay our growth in the sense that instead of finishing high school in four years but it will take 6 years in high school in K to 12 program. What will happen if they will go to college? Does the government analyze that most of the parents alloted their budget more on college for their children? It is because rest assured if their child finishes college on time is a great achievement and this will give us better help for economy. Why can I say that it is a help for our economy? Just simple and logical way, expense in high school can be added in the expense in college. Did they really think that K to 12 will be a great asset to us? Maybe for THEM, not for the general population. For sure, the population for underemployed will rapidly increase because instead of going to school after they had graduated in high school, they wil find a job to enable to help save their matriculation in college

Stand against K to 12

        The K to 12 must not continue and must be stopped while it is not fully  implemented. For me, it is not a solution to our dilemma in education. It doesn’t help us to educate more but rather it teaches us how to be a burden to our country. Instead of helping our country and parents, we our adding more expense to them. They must consider the general population if the parents can take the additional expense.

        The most appropriate way to do is not to add years of learning but rather add the quality of education. They must focus on the quality education not on a quantity education. They must focus improving education through quality books, teachers, schools and rooms. The government must reconsider this and study furthermore.

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