Street foods in our city, Cagayan de Oro

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Street Foods

Our city, Cagayan de Oro, now has a new mayor. This mayor wants a peaceful and tranquil government. He wants to abolish all causes of chaos in our city and his major target is the abolishment of the street food businesses in the city. Although street foods are delicious and cheap, street food sidewalk vendors must stop selling street foods in the sidewalks because it produces large volume of garbage in the street; it has no proper sanitation; and although they are illegal, people would rather choose their products that threaten nearby legal businesses.

            Street foods produce large volume of garbage. Street food vendors does not produce garbage containers for the wastes of their costumers unlike legal businesses that provide proper garbage containers and in case their costumers would choose to leave their garbage, they have employees who are tasked to clean all their customer’s wastes. And even though the government places garbage bins in selected places in the city, the customers would choose to throw their garbage anywhere. Street foods cause more than 50% of the wastes in the city.

            Street foods vendors and their businesses have no proper sanitation and they cannot get a sanitary permit because they are illegal. Some vendors reuse cups, sticks etc. that are already used by other customers and it may and can spread diseases. We can also get sickness from the contamination of the food with the dust from dry canals that are blown by the wind to the food when vehicles pass by the street. Some vendors also don’t wash their hands and utensils before operation and after doing dirty things because they have no water supply in the streets.

            Street foods are chosen by people rather than legal businesses like fast food chains and this threatens legal business. People would choose their products it is cheaper than that of the food from fast food chains. Because of this, legal businesses like fast food chains earn lesser income than they have before these street foods have not been in the city yet.

            Street food in our city is a very big problem. Aside from generating traffic jams, it produces large amount of wastes, it has no proper sanitation and it weakens the profitability of legal business. Though it is delicious and budget friendly, it must be aboilished.


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