Unicorns, discussed.

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An essay on Unicorns

The issues involving Unicorns has been a popular topic amongst scholars for many years. The constantly changing fashionable take on Unicorns demonstrates the depth of the subject. Given that its influence pervades our society, Unicorns is not given the credit if deserves for inspiring many of the worlds famous painters. Inevitably Unicorns is often misunderstood by the aristocracy, who just don’;t like that sort of thing. In the light of this I will break down the issues in order to give each of them the thought that they fully deserve

Social Factors

While some scholars have claimed that there is no such thing as society, this is rubbish. When J H Darcy said ‘;fevour will spread’; [1] she must have been referning to Unicorns. A child’s approach to Unicorns demonstrates a coherent approach, something so lacking in our culture, that it is not recognised by all.

Status, Security, Fame – Unicorns, all revolve around this ‘;golden fleece’;. It has been said that the one thing in society which could survive a nuclear attack is Unicorns. This is incorrect, actually cockroaches are the only thing which can survive a nuclear attack.

Economic Factors

Is unemployment inherently bad for an economy? Yes. We will primarily be focusing on the JTB-Guide-Dog model, a complex but ultimately rewarding system.




Clearly the graphs demonstrates a strong correlation. Why is this? Even a child could work out that inflation world wide are driven entirely by Unicorns. Strong fluctuations in investor confidence have been seen over the past two financial years.

Political Factors

No man is an island, but what of politics? Comparing the ideals of the young with the reality felt by their elders is like contrasting Unicorns now, and its equivalent in the 1800s.

Take a moment to consider the words of award winning journalist Demetrius Tuigamala ‘;I don’;t believe in ghosts, but I do believe in democracy.’; [2] I argue that his insight into Unicorns provided the inspiration for these great words. If Unicorns be the food of politics, play on.

Since the Renaissance Unicorns has become more and more prevalent. May it continue.


In summary, Unicorns has, and will continue to be a major building block for the world in which we live. It fills a hole, invades where necessary and it is human.


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