Breeding Ground for Corruption

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According to Friedrich Nietzsche, “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.” This means that you can corrupt a youth by teaching him to be intolerant, to teach him to be narrow-minded and only agree to those who agree and think like him. In the present set-up of the Sanggunianng Kabataan, many of the SK aspirants are being taught to be intolerant. And the, supposed to be role models, elder political leaders are the ones teaching the youth corrupt ways. Although the Sangguniang Kabataan serves a very noble purpose, to enable the youth to actively participate in politics, it should be now abolished because it has been corrupted, it turned into a training ground for political dynasties, and the presence of a budget tempts corrupt elder political leaders to meddle with the youth’s training program.

According to an article in the Philippine Star that what was a once-noble purpose, the Sangguniang Kabataan has been twisted and turned into something that is no longer in unison with its original purpose. It has become as open to graft and corruption as the government itself. It is not even moulding future good leaders. The mentors, these are the elder politicians, are setting an example that would likely corrupt the youth’s mind. In the present set-up,it only seems to teach the youth about the corruption that exists in the government at a very early age. For example, a report said that in the Visayas, from Tacloban to Cebu, hundreds of registrants were reportedly trucked to the Commission on Elections offices aboard barangay-owned vehicles or private buses, provided meals, and promised money in exchange for supporting specific SK aspirants. Everything was pre-planned, down to the paraphernalia to be used by the registrants. In Jaro town, Leyte, a barangay official was seen escorting herself would-be-SK voters to the Comelec office. “Though the aim was noble, the SK, through the years, has been used by corrupt local government officials, eventually teaching the youth the tricks of systematic corruption”, Comelec Commissioner Lucenito Tagle said.

In addition to the corruption, the SK is also now known to be a training ground for political dynasties. Election lawyer Romulo Macalintal claimed that most of those running for SK posts are children of politicians. The youth is being groomed to be future mayors and congressmen by their parents. They are teaching slick tricks to the youth, slick though but very dirty and immoral in nature. This act would let them gain a stronger foothold, but would be very unfair to those whose genuine interest is to serve the people. This would also worsen the countries’ problem with political dynasties.

            And why do the elder political leaders meddle with the SK? It’s because of its budget. The early SK had no budget from the local government and was run by volunteers. Therefore, we can say that there could be no corruption before. With the budget present, local corrupt politicians are tempted to interfere with the SK. They will use the SK as their tool to access its budget for personal gain. Even the SK aspirants themselves might be the ones trying to get their hands on the budget. Since the budget is pocketed, there will be no or very little budget left for community projects. In turn, this will cause no progress.

It is now getting hard to find good reasons not to abolish the SK. If you look around you, there is no productivity or any development at all. It hasn’t produced anything that is of importance. It is aiding the problems with political dynasties. It’s not even serving its true purpose, to provide a vehicle for the youth to become engaged in community affairs and become productive leaders. It should have been about leadership but instead it’s about thirst for power and money. It became what is feared by many people, a breeding ground for corruption. 


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