No to Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana is one of the drug  that causes most controversies discussed around the world today. Although Marijuana is considered as a medical treatment in some country , it must be banned because it causes addiction when overused , results dramatic trouble with your thinking and coordination skills  and the denouement is alteration in your own personality .

Marijuana is known drug for its affordable price and you can find it everywhere . Out of 10 % of people who smokes marijuana become addicted to it . The longer the user smokes marijuana  results extreme changes in your brain that makes it difficult to stop and harder to treat it . You can’t force the user to stop and go into treatment because it takes very long time that sometimes includes lapses. And also temptation to go back to drugs become stronger and stronger if you will try to avoid the person into drugs . Users also need to take more of the drug substance to get the same effect which is very dangerous .

Smoking marijuana affects your health especially in your thinking and coordination skills. When higher the dose of marijuana used, the higher chance of experiencing hallucinations, delusions, impaired memory, and disorientation.  And also it makes your blood pressure lower that usual that makes you prone to heart attack four times higher compared to normal person who is not smoking . It results also to heavy coughing because of the burning and stinging of the mouth and throat . It changes your eating habits which results to weight loss or gain. Some research also not yet proven but still alarming because marijuana smokers were three times more prone to develop cancer because marijuana encompass three times more tar than usual cigarettes which is 50% more carcinogens.

Marijuana is one of the factor that causes mood swings . The users will be more depressed, they will feel anxiety in there self and will get angry easily to other people . It will shrink your interest in important daily life activities such as going to work and even the bonding with your own family . And also in youths, it causes problems in schoolwork that results cutting classes, absences, lowering of grade and even dropping to school. This will also affect on how you interact with your society because you are more compatible to person who are also users. It will even make the user a criminal person because they are about to start stealing belongings to make them get the drugs they want .

The search for medical treatments nowadays is one of the focused things in the world today.  But I think using marijuana as a medicine is not yet suitable and takes long time to be researched .

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