Abortion: Prohibition or Obligation?

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            A moment full of pure bliss with moans and groans of human noises that are music to the ears. All people care about is the pleasure that they experience in having sex. Can they hear the silent screams of thousands of dismembered fetuses raging against the hands of murderers that are pulling in on them? Can they see the wounds that are inflicted on their flesh? Can they feel any remorse or guilt to what they have done? In today’s generation, people find abortion acceptable and just. Women think of it as a solution to the problem which is a result of their act. Although women have a moral right to decide on what to do with their body, abortion should not be accepted in the society, because first, abortion does not free women; second, abortion damages them, both physically and emotionally; and lastly, abortion is a male scheme.

            Abortion is not the answer for women’s calling for equality. It does not free women from its reputation of being inferior from men. It does not symbolize them being liberated and bold. Women’s need for equality is not free access to abortion, but free quality medical health care and support from the government are what they need. Women are the vessels for the nation’s future. By that, women should be given what they need to survive as mothers and not by suggesting to them abortion as the solution for their growing dilemma. In order for women to feel the equality that they yearned in the society, they must be well taken care of and not discriminately judged. Implementing laws in favour to abortion is surely not a wise and humane thing to do in this struggling society.        

           Abortion has side effects that cause medical complications examples of which are excessive bleeding, pelvic infection and damage to cervix. In extreme cases, abortion can lead to death. Abortion also damages the psychological well-being of women. They may feel guilt and remorse in engaging in the said activity. Family ties and relationships might be broken and on the rock due to emotional breakdowns. These events can cause depression or even worse, suicide. Abortion clinics are all over the world. The government should find ways in stopping its operation, and not by supporting and giving funds to these clinics. Abortion damages women both inside and out. It does not help them forget and move on from the past, but sadly, it can only make the situation grow worse.

            Abortion is considered as a male scheme. Men’s support for abortion is clearly evident in the society. They consider it as a way to have sex without having to take any responsibility for any resulting children. Men support abortion to have sexual fulfilment or freedom. Impregnating women is great hindrance for their sexual exploits when they want it. So, they see abortion as somewhat a solution for their problem. Men who are a coward to accept the fact that a huge responsibility awaits them, tends to suggest abortion to women. Men have the reputation of running away from their problems. Escaping from the harsh reality and living their lives in fast lane, while leaving women carry and face the consequences all by themselves.  If men do not want any responsibilities, then they must practice abstinence.

            Making a decision in having a child is momentous and conceiving it is a God’s blessing. Abortion is not promoting the child’s right to live, but rather than making a child looks like a pest that needs getting rid of. It is a grave moral wrong and is against the doctrine on natural law and on the written word of God. Women must abstain from having sexual intercourse when not yet married, or if the event cannot be avoided, the least women can do are use contraceptives. Unprotected sex leads to unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy is the root cause of abortion. Can they hear their innocent cries for justice? Can they feel the torment in their souls? Can they see their unshed tears? Abortion is not a solution. Abortion is murder.


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