Divorce in the Philippines?

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When two people get married, it’s for better or for worse, like these joined salt and pepper, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health. If you pull them apart, you’ll break either one or both of them. God made marriage to be for life.”

-Michael (from the movie Fireproof)

            Of all the countries worldwide, Philippines is the only country that hasn’t accepted divorce yet. After the hot talks and arguments on the passing of the bill on Reproductive Health, the issue on divorce started to emerge. It became a hot topic that people buzz about. Annulment is the only method on ending marriage here in the Philippines. Due to its long processes, it is so expensive and not all couples are capable of filing one. Because of that, many separated couples without annulment resort to being a “live-ins” with their newfound partners. Although many say that having divorce here in the Philippines would be beneficial because it is less expensive and fast, I still believe that its negative impact still outweighs the positive ones.

            The main reason why Divorce should not be accepted here in the Philippines is that it is against the teachings of the church. The Philippine population is mostly comprised of Catholics. Being Catholics, marriage is strongly believed to be a lifetime commitment. As the bible clearly emphasizes, a man and a woman joined together by marriage becomes one and cannot be separated. Marriage is a holy and sacred sacrament that should be respected. Furthermore, being married means promising in front of God to love each other and to stay together for better or for worse ‘til death. If a couple decides to divorce, it is like breaking your vow not only to your partner but most especially to God. After all, God made marriage to be for life.

            Divorce brings negative impact to the couple’s children. The most affected ones after a divorce are the innocent children. In other countries where divorce is accepted, most children of divorced couples have higher chances of being put to many types of troubles.  Many children belonging to a broken family grow rebellious during adolescence. They most likely try to break rules in order to get attention from their parents. Due to lack of parental guidance as they grow, these children engage in many kinds of vices like smoking, drinking, using of illegal drugs, and etc. as a result. Since both of their parents are separated, children tend to feel unloved. Moreover, divorce affects children’s way of dealing in relationship with the opposite gender. There is a higher possibility of feeling indifferent towards the other sex because they don’t want to end up like their own parents. They most likely find it hard talking and opening up to the opposite gender. So if divorce would be permitted here in the Philippines, the number of broken families and chances of undisciplined youth would most likely increase. If this goes on and on, the rate of crimes and many other harmful incidents might occur.

            Lastly, Divorce causes a lot of couples to take marriage for granted. Because there is divorce, the risk of couples marrying hastily without seriously thinking about it, is big. Furthermore, couples overlook or ignore the things that matters most in relationship. During marriage, partners promised to love each other until death due them part. However if things don’t work out, is it right to file divorce just to go on with your life? It is sad to say that instead of being together for better or for worse, it is only for the better. Couples wouldn’t even try to fix things with each other if ever problems arise. If divorce will be accepted here in the Philippines, the importance of marriage would be disregarded.

            Although divorce is allowed in other countries especially in USA, it should not be permitted here in the Philippines. It doesn’t mean that because most of the countries accept divorce, the Philippines should follow and imitate them. There are still a lot more reasons why divorce should be forbidden aside from it being against the church’s teachings, bringing negative impact to the couple’s children, and causing marriage to be taken for granted. However, only one thing is for sure, divorce is not an easy thing to deal with. The issue on divorce now is still pending. It should be thought thoroughly before releasing any decisions if it should be allowed or not. 


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