Water leak: Harms, Cures and safety

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After hearing about water leak detection first thing which comes in our mind is why we need to detect the leakage of water and what will be its benefits. This article will help you in understanding these entire water leak thing.  Water leak is a big problem of many houses. It seems that it is not as much big problem as I am saying but it is. A water leak can cause many types of harms. Our house gets weak if it contains the water leak problem. The walls of house become weak and it can cause many types of big damages.  If you are suffering from this problem then you need to make it correct otherwise your walls will get weaker day by day. If you want to repair your water leak then first you have to find the water leak. It is really important work. 

This article is based on the importance of finding a water leak. This is the approach to water loss reduction, monitoring, assessment. Water leak can be of several of types like heating leaks, under floor heating leaks, mains leak, pipe leak, irrigation leak, domestic leaks, commercial leaks, etc. The main bed effect of water leak is the wastage of water if you are wasting water then you should stop it because water is so precious and must for life. And in the world there a little amount of water is drinkable and if we make it continue then we are going to pay a big amount for this.  

You can find the leakage of water by following some points.

1. Hear a continuous sound of water like a toilet running after turning of all the water equipments.

2. Your water meter reading changes constantly even if you are not using the water.

3. Compare your water bill month to month it will help you in making decision.

4. Your walls and roofs will be wet, spongy, moist or discolored.

5. A different smell will come continuously.

6. Foundation of your building will be creak, vegetation grows unevenly, or earth shifts for no apparent reason.

7. You will find warm spots on your floor.

By following all these points you can find the leaks without help of any plumber or any equipment. You can find the water leak with the help of water leaks detection equipment. These equipments are used to find the leaks so the water can be saved for future generation.

 In market many types of water leak detection systems are available. You can choose a good system according to your need. Most of these systems are based on sensor system. Some kind of water leak detection devices are given below.

1. Passive Leak Detection Devices- these types of devices are based on battery- operated stand alone system. These types of devices produce the alarm noise when its moisture sensor becomes wet, these alarm enable the home owner about the water leak.   

  2.Active leak detection systems:- these types of system are usually stops the water supply  when any leak is detected. It may use a water flow sensor or a moisture sensor to detect the water leak.  Active leak detection systems are of two types-

a. Individual appliance device system-detects the leak of any appliance and automatically shuts off the water supply of that particular system.

b. Whole house device system- monitors leak in the whole house if any leak is detected then the supply of whole house is shuts down automatically.       

All above devices play a good role in finding a water leak.

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