Do you have Dogs?

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Pets are known to give unconditional love and without expectation. Pets are to be loved and to be taken care of well. Especially, dogs where studies suggest that having dogs will help reduce stress and tension. Hence, combats the risk of heart related diseases.

Here are some of the tips to take care of our dogs:

  • Each time bathing the dogs add 5ml of vinegar to 5 litres of water and use it during the last rinse for only one time each bathing session. This will prevent bad odour from the fur of the animals.

  • Is your beloved dog is suffering from fleas and ticks? Simply grind neem leaves with adequate amount of water to make a thick paste to prevent your dogs being wet for long time.  Then, apply this paste all over the body and bath the dog as usual after couple of hours.

  • Another method to get rid of ticks and fleas is squeeze orange skin and rub it on the dogs’ body.  Leave it for about 5 minutes and give them a bath. The ticks and fleas will escape from the body.

  • Another method to prevent the ticks and fleas is to add little bit of onion and garlic when cooking food for them, especially, lamb meat. Just make sure the onion are fully cooked.

  • Sometime we find hard give dogs a bath during cold season or rainy season because it will leave them shivering. For this, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on the dogs’ body and wipe it with a medium wet cloth. This method will make dogs smell good and clean.

  • Is your have wounded all over the body after wrestling with your neighbours dogs? Just apply petroleum jelly on wounds for relieve.

  •  Dogs should be given bath in warm water and not cold water. Avoid applying soap to their mouth, eye or their inner ear area.

Food for dogs.

  • Dogs known to have diabetes faster than humans. So, it is better to get them away from sweet things.

  • Chocolate known give stomach discomfort to dogs. So, don’;t give them because they love ot so much.

  • Dog food should not be spicy either and no salt should be added and it should not contain any taste at all.

  • Vegetable soup is very good for dogs as it contains nutrients and is very good for their fur’;s health.

  • Dogs have the habit of eating in the evening.

  • The new born dogs should be given food twice a day, in small partitions. After one year old, they should be given food once a day in one big partition.

  • The new born dogs also should be given milk every day after the mother has stopped giving them until they are one year old.

  • Sharp bones should be avoided as it might hurt their soft abdomen.

  •  When dogs have stomach ache they give themselves first aid by eating grass. After that, they might vomit which is normal.


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