Trust People?

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Sasha stood there watching as the people rushed around her, they were on there way to work like she had been about a month ago before she lost her job in the destruction of the company that she had been working for.  She smiled sweetly as one young man bumped into her and replied “Sorry!” before  he took off on a dead run toward where he works.

She watched in horror as another man tackle the young man on his way to work and she ran over to yell at the man who had done the crime.  As she draw near to the fighting men, she watched as the one rolled over the younger one and took her wallet out of his hands.  The younger man seemed to give up as he realized that the older one had figured out what he had done.   They both were tired of fighting and seemed to just sag into a reclining position to get their breath back.

“Mack, good job on getting the pickpocket!”

Sasha glanced at the other uniformed officer that came up to help the the man that had done the tackling and he handed her the wallet to her while saying in a husky voice “Is everything there?  This guy is a sneak and he has been watching you to see where you had your wallet.”

She stood there with her mouth gaping and thought about how she had smiled back at the young man when she had noticed him watching her,  She had actually thought that he was interested in her and liked what he was looking at.  It gave her a high feeling to think that some man might actually be interested in her.

Now, she wanted to yell “Why should I trust anyone?  I try to be nice and do you see where it gets me?  My wallet is stolen and now, this guy will be going to jail to wait for his court appearance.”

Sasha thought about all the times that she had gone to Church and her pastor had preached on trusting people.  That if people would start to trust other people than the earth might become a better place to live and the Pastor challenged everyone to go into the real world to bless other people.   He preached on how that would do the people and the world good to be shown respect and trust instead of thinking how everyone was out to get other people.

The Pastor preached that maybe if they would show other people respect and trust than they would go to the next situation and show those people the same feelings that they had just been shown.  Opening doors with a smile,  saying thank you and please whenever someone else does something for them.  

Her mother always said “Treat people with positive actions and with respect that they would return the favor and treat you the same way.”  Sasha always loved to think about that and she tried her hardest to treat people in that way.  It was like she was following the Golden Rule of how to treat people “Treat other people like you would like to be treated.”


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