Grand Theft Auto Setting the Market and Online World on Fire

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Grand Theft Auto 5 earned a solid billion in only the first three days of its sale. The game broke all of its previous records and even left behind the famous Call of Duty. After a long gap, the game was released by Take Two/ Rockstar a few weeks ago and has been the rage ever since. The purchased version of the game did not allow access to the multiplayer game and today on 1st October, the online version of the game has also been unchained. The GTA Online can be accessed by anyone who has purchases GTA 5 and no prior requirement regarding the completion of Story mode is necessary to gain entry to the online version.

The online service is facing problems right now; “Rockstar cloud servers are not available right now” keeps appearing which might be due to the overloaded server. But if we can get our hands on this update, users will be able to interact with their Xbox Live Buddies and the Sony PlayStation Network.

The visual effects and graphics of the game are so extraordinary that it is hard to believe a game can host such pictorial presentation. From the run-up-to release, many snaps were seen of the games’ characters and their surroundings; and it is needless to say they were remarkably close to the reality. The game is highly customized even the characters can be formed of your own choice and accessorize from their clothes to their hair!

Although there is no official word if a visual upgrade will be provided to the title, or if the game will be released on PC, but there is hope that the future holds a place for these steps. There is also a prospect for a GTA online forum where 16 users will be able to experience the GTA 5 world together.


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