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Warcraft 3 cheats – the key to success

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Warcraft 3 is a game that requires a lot of experience, skills and, of course, a perfect strategy. It may take much time and effort to achieve those requirement, and there is, in fact, no shortcut to be successful in this game. However you can significantly increase your chance of winning the game just by applying the exact Warcraft 3 cheats.

Here are some Warcraft 3 cheats which can help you beat the other players and be on top of the list:

The first thing you need to do is to purchase an original Warcraft CD and start practicing with your race. Remember not just playing a little with one race and then switch to another one, and finally go back to the first race. I mean you can pick up whatever you want: human, undead, orc,… and try a few games with them , but in the end choose the one that is best for you.

The next step is to watch a replay of the race of your choice. Watch that player, and learn from his strategy. For example, when he puts workers on wood or mines, when he makes buildings, the order in which they creep… Try to take something out of it. Be sure to keep in mind that you can learn faster if you copy pro players, but the only way to really get better is to play a lot a lot of games.

Back to the game. When the game starts, you should immediately send 3 workers to the gold mine, while building your races alter, and a food building (Farms for humans, burrows for orcs, moon wells for Night Elves, ziggurats for undead). If you are playing undead, it’;s different since you start with 3 acoloytes and 1 ghoul, you should immediately send 2 acoloytes to the gold mine, and start summoning the other 2 buildings (Alter and ziggurat) THEN go to the gold mine with that acoloyte, and set the ghoul on getting wood. I recommend you have at least 5 workers on gold mine, 4 on lumber, and your troop building is nearly complete before going to the next step.

In this stage, you need to have you hero and a few basic units built. Also a research building is necessary in order to enhance your units to the next level and get prepared for opponents like air units, for example. Be aware that your hero plays a very important role on the battlefield, so have your hero gain experience by taking part in some small battles, like against the Green Dot as they are the most easiest to be killed.

To the next step, it is required for you to build up a considerable squad of units, and you may have enough resources to upgrade your main building. You should also be building food supply up throughout this time, make sure you have around 3-4 food supply buildings before upgrading your main building. In this stage, there is one thing you need to keep in mind: be aware of the size of your army and the ability of your hero, because you may sometimes run into the enemy, and having full knowledge about your situation will help you decide whether to attack or fall back. In case of falling back , try to take advantage of your towers, as they help heal units and make massive damage to the enemy.

It is now the stage of battle, but do not actively look for fights. Think about expanding first, you should send your army out to clear the ‘;creeps’; which are neutral hostile units from the closest gold mine. This is good to do anyways, as it is a huge exp boost, and it will drop 1-2 items guaranteed. Then send a few workers there to explore gold and also build some towers to protect your new gold mine. Remember that before any combat, it is very important to get your unit well prepared in terms of food, armor,… Also having enough knowledge about your enemy will increase your chance to win the game, for example if you know their strength, then be smart with encounters, and try to get units that do well against theirs.

Come to the battles, try using your units and hero in a smart way. If you win, you have to be as aggressive as possible, kill his main base and in general dominate them. Do not let them rebuild or have any chance to fight back. But if you lose (I hope that will not happen) it now depends on what the enemy does in the time it takes you to rebuild.

Based on my experience, there are some fighting skills that I want to share with you:

At start: gather as fast & much as possible.

Then make a perfect defend (so that enemy cannot enter your place-use more watch tower and some range-attack monster).

Set the rally point for your monster to go attacking after life.

Create only 1 or 2 type only monster(s) for you to go straight(it will go straight to attack your enemy if you set the rally point for the monsters’; building) at enemy place to attack.

Keep creating monsters(every second) until you win.

Another problem you usually encounter throughout the game is to run out of gold to build your units, to upgrade your building,… To solve this problem please check it out

To sum up, Warcraft 3 is a game all about strategy. These few helpful Warcraft 3 cheats will help you quickly master the game and stay ahead of the others.


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